Profit from a 52 Week High

By: Ryan Harris

As anyone who has dabbled in the stock market will tell you, stock market prices sometimes work like a roller coaster ride. Moreover, the marketís overall trend does not necessarily dictate those of individual stocks. We have seen countless examples of individual stock prices that have plunged despite the overall marketís upward momentum. Conversely, we have seen stocks setting highs despite a lukewarm economic environment. Thus, to a person directly trading in the stock market, a five percent gain in the Dow does not necessarily translate to a positive return for oneís portfolio. In any case, an individualís investment strategy is important to perform well when it comes to the larger picture.

One popular strategy employed by many individuals engaged in stock market trading is the use of stock charts. These charts give you a graphic representation of the price movements of a particular stock over a period of time. When coupled with technical analysis, it can give an investor a fair prediction of where a stockís value is headed. This method is used by amateur traders and professionals alike because it encompasses the basics of market trending.

With these charts, one can see various price movements such as prices hitting highs or 52 week lows. When this happens, investors and traders alike typically jump to buy or sell a particular stock. A companyís stock that is currently priced at a 52 week high would create a lot of demand in the stock market under the assumption that the stockís price is going to continue gaining momentum in the positive direction.

However, there are also some who believe that a stock hitting a high needs to be sold as it may already have reached its highest possible price and will soon start to decline in value. It is because of these different possibilities that analyzing stock charts needs to be paired with the analysis of market and economic data. It is, therefore, critical that one has access to updated and accurate data such as business news, interest rates, and economic figures.

Gathering all this information yourself and charting the historical data on your own can take too much time and effort. Because of this, some websites offer you the convenience of obtaining everything you need at just one place. Sites such as give you access to historical data, updated market news, interest rates, and even perform customized charting.

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