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By: Eric White

Laboratories available to health professionals and caregivers complete and effective product line, indicated for the prevention and hygiene bedridden. Incontinent and risk of skin
Products for care Skin provide a proactive approach to overall skin health. The product line seeks to prevent razor burn before it happens, protect skin at risk and encourage the maintenance of a healthy, intact skin. To get Professional skin care services please visit our official website. We are provided best skin care services.

Protection Products

Protective and restorative Cream, formulated with essential fatty acids omega three and six, extract, aloe and zinc oxide. Maintains and protects delicate and exposed to external aggressions skins. Moisturizing oil projector developed in sprayer for easy application without friction. It is formulated based on fatty acids, blackcurrant extract. Indicated for grooming the genital - buttock area are formulated with an emulsion rich in Aloe Vera. Your emulsion is enriched with evening primrose oil and extract of cream. Caring for mature skin should be understood as a health habit that reinforces the skin barrier properties and preserve themselves from attacks and skin lesions of age. Over time, confirms: the skin becomes thinner and slightly scaly, less oxygen exchange between the cells occurs. The skin loses moisture and elasticity decreases, decreases likewise. All these processes together with the problems can occur with age such as incontinence. It increased frequency of occurrence of pressure ulcers in bedridden or mobility deficits and the increased risk of dermatitis people. Necessitate the use of products specifically developed to prevent and treat these problems. We are also provided Day Spa supplies services.

Some fact about services

Our range of solutions for the skin is especially geared to older, incontinent persons mostly long-term bedridden, and forced to remain in a wheelchair people. You procure comprehensive care, from prevention to treatment. Our solutions have healing creams and gels and skin Protestants if physical or chemical, incorporating natural active ingredients in their formulations for treatment optimal skin. In addition, since, promote awareness of health professionals, and patients need daily prevention: well, with proper hygiene, proper nutrition and the use of products that help protect daily, the skin will remain healthy and maintained.

One thing we know with certainty that age and die, but we can slow the aging process in the care of our bodies properly. Most people think of the signs of aging are the result of bad habits that we follow every day. If you continue to treat your body the same way, the aging process, protect your skin from the sun and eating healthy foods is accelerated, you rejuvenate the skin and look much younger. No matter what your age, you need to use a natural product of professional skin care to prevent the formation of fine lines, age spots and skin imperfections to be avoided. A professional product should be suitable for any skin type, should not cause side effects like irritation. The best option for anyone is a natural skin care cream, natural cream contains organic ingredients and does not include chemicals.
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Necessitate the use of products specifically developed to prevent and treat these problems. We are also provided Day Spa supplies services.

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