Professional Photographers: Get Excited, Under Promise & Over Deliver

By: Joe Jones

Easier said than done though, isn’t it? There are two main problems facing all professional photographers today.
The first is the global economy. As consumers tighten their belts, professional photography, often considered a luxury at such times in many of its niche markets, can be hard hit. This forces all Professional photographers to become leaner, meaner & far more competitive. It also forces ‘aspiring’ newbie pro’s to either become ever more innovative or to hang up their newly accquired digtal phootgraph yequipment before they have really started.
The Risks
The second problem is that with so much information out their, which way do you go? How does the professional photographer find the best techniques and styles that the end users, your customers, actually want? Which photgraphic courses are actually going to give you the advantage you need? What if you make a huge investment in time and money, using up your valuable resources and then find that what you are doing is really a dead duck! Many of us have been there already!
The Solution
As a professional photographer myself, I knew that a fresh approach was needed. Also it was clear that for professional photographers to aim for their old goals of ‘making a living’ just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Let’s face it, any ‘Joe’ with a digital camera can turn out pictures that are often good enough to satisfy family and friends. This means that the poor old pro has to work harder than ever at creating a real difference in service, customer care and finished results.
The Professional Photogrpahers difference.
But most importantly, it does not matter how great the photographers work is, if the customer can not see a tangible and worthwhile difference between what you are offering and what they can produce themselves, they won’t be back. Will they? This ‘digital’ thing really is a two edged sword.

On the other hand, if you are innovative; if you are genuinely excited at having them as customers; if you do for them what others can’t and if its stuff that they can get excited about too, then they will spend. They will refer others. They will come back for more! In no time at all you could dominate your professional photographers market place! That is the kind of target that is essential today. This kind of ‘outrageous & aspirational’ thinking is not for everyone. That’s fine, isn’t it? However, bear in mind that your nearest and dearest competitor is on his (or her) own way to dominate your market place right now.

Before you switch off your thinking, declaring that dominating your photographic niche market is beyond you, realise this: It is easier than you think. It can be quicker than you think & the rewards will be better than you think! That is todays message to all Professional Photgraphers.

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