Procrastinate On Everything Else, But Not Diamond Jewelry

By: Don Pedro

All the juicy properties of diamond collectively make it an important industrial and scientific material. It is so unique that people would pay a lot of money to own it and show it off. Now you know why it is perhaps the richest material that is usable for jewelry.
Diamond forms from the element called carbon, the most abundant in the element in the earth. It is also used in making some of the best and most expensive jewelry you ever saw. It costs a lot, but most people don't mind the cost if only they can have the thing on their bodies for just a few glorious moments. I won't say I blame them because of the beauty of diamonds jewelry on people, especially beautiful ladies.
There are all kinds of diamonds. You've got white, black, red, pink and blue. Black diamonds are called carbonados. Most people don't believe they come from earth, although how they got here then beats me.
Let's talk statistics now for a moment, shall we? Think 1.02 kg per sq cm, or 14.7 lb per sq in; think 50 kilobars is 50,000 bars. Now then, think about the diamond, formed from this process. How much do you expect the stone to cost? A lot, naturally, if you can pay it.
There are some diamond types that are not sold as trinkets such as ballas, bort, and carbonado. Instead they are used for cutting, tough-coating, and all other kinds of industrial processes. If you come across some of these, you might not even recognize them as diamonds unless you are told.
Diamonds dwell in the earth, where they have taken forever to be formed, along with a lot of conditions that man can never reproduce. That is why the sparkling radiance of them is an enticement that is great enough to hold on to you so much that you desire to own the jewel.
People try to compare the character of the diamond to that of the human. The stone is flawless, but man falters. The stone radiates, but the character of man is questionable. Little wonder a woman would sooner own a diamond than a million promises from a man.
Scientists study the diamond and have determined that some pieces are as old as 3 billion years! Wow! The power you feel when you hold such a gem in your hands; the elevation when you wear it on your person. Worth any amount you are asked to pay for it.
The diamonds that are created traditionally in the bowels of the earth are ancient. Those that are made in shallower regions and brought to the surface by tectonic movement are generally younger. They many times comprise relics of larger diamonds which are actually nothing more than graphite. Their purity do not serve them very well as jewels.

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