Procedure for Back Taxes Filing

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While most reasons for not filing taxes are acceptable, the fact is, even late or back taxes eventually need to be filed. No matter how late, filing your back taxes will help to either lessen or altogether prevent any IRS problems. The IRS still requires that you file your taxes, whether you only missed a particular year or have not done so since mid 1980s. This will absolutely lessen your risk of being prosecuted by the IRS and having enforced tax collection procedures thrust upon you.

While it would be nice to have all tax records readily available, this is not possible for many people. Phenomena like fires, floods and other calamities may destroy all of a person's belongings, including relevant documents. On the bright side, a great tax attorney and accountant are instrumental in successfully filing your back taxes as they can assist in the reconstruction and retracing of tax records. In some extreme cases, tax lawyers have been known to prepare and recreate relatively accurate and complete tax records dating as far back as 15 to 20 years earlier.

Some people would have wanted to dutifully pay for their taxes had it not been for certain circumstances, like not having enough money to pay the amount due on their returns. Fortunately, they are provided with the choice of filing a missing return or back taxes. Its key benefits include not being imposed with the substantial penalty of 25%, the fee for late filing. Certain states can in fact penalize you with larger fees even if you do not owe them any money, if you fail to complete this legal obligation.

You will definitely conserve a great deal of time if you were able to keep all your tax information from previous years. What you just need to do now is prepare your tax returns. This is the stage when you need professional help the most. The thought of not knowing whether or not you owe back taxes or knowing that you have not paid for them is distressing. Clients have observed that just making an appointment to see a tax professional who can help them sort through the maze of forms and procedures makes their worries go away.

Most people go on believing that electronic methods can be utilized in filing for back taxes. The IRS, on the other hand, does not allow these, as they prefer to receive these requests through hand delivery or mail. Also, using certified mail is required to have proof of IRS receipt on these documents.

Those who know they owe the IRS some amount of money will most likely be obliged to pay interest and other applicable penalties. In this case, types of IRS assistance, like payments plans, are available.

In reality, filing back taxes can be a relatively quick and easy process. What complicates the situation is your refusal to instantaneously deal with the issue and inaction in filing and paying back taxes. At worst, you might, in the end, owe significant amounts of money and face more severe consequences because of these IRS issues.

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