Problems faced online by customers while shopping.

By: edward fery

This article is being written to help and secure people and their money from being wasted on dark online businesses. The problems and experiences I will be writing are not my own and are solely lifted from other online sources.
The information will be provided in the shape of points, below:
1. Hiding Online Face:
The first problem is that online businesses have a plus point that they can hide behind their website. And there online stores are not that easy to locate either because they are in some other area of the world. And there is no surety that they have a real live located store.
2. Fake Reviews:
Another problem which is also experienced by me a lot of times is the review section of these sites. First of all 90% customers donít even send feedback for their shopped products. Secondly if they did, not all are positive.
But these sites only post the ones that are positive and most of them are faked because they can also be found on other websites.
3. Money back guarantee, a reality?
Most of the times and a bitter reality behind the low online shopping trends in different parts of the world are because the money back guarantee is always in doubt. As on some sites, there is no track of information and only you have to trust them blindly to buy their products. And if in any case you want your money back then there is no surety that you will get it.
4. Fraud ratings:
Most companies on the internet are not valid accredited companies. They only claim they are, by pasting a logo like 5 star company and etc. But, there are few ways to find these things, one of the ways is by the help of hyperlinks. Because if there is a hyperlink attached to their image then they are somewhat valid in other cases they are frauds.
Although, in my opinion, we can only learn from our own experiences but on the internet itís pretty difficult to implement what we learn because these websites keep changing their locations and ways of dealing.
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