Printing Solutions in Winston Salem and 6 Design Tips for Creating Business Cards

By: Mitchell Termotto

Are you aware of the importance of a beautiful and eye-catching business card? An intelligently designed business card proves to be an integral part of business branding and helps a business to stand out from the crowd. A business card helps you make the first introduction with the potential clients by letting them know “who you are and what your brand offers”. As a Winston Salem based business, you can get an edge over the competition and make a bit of an impact on your client, customer or business client, by getting a well designed a business card with a minimalistic approach, an incredible designs and unique printing solution in Winston Salem.

Please have a look at some of the useful design tips for creating beautiful business cards!

1. Use Both Sides of the Business Cards:

Using both sides of a business card gives it a professional look. You can utilize the space on both the sides of your business card to promote and showcase your brand. Make sure to keep the design simple along with an eye-catching logo. It is important to consider that the main side of the business card contains all the important information.

2. Ensure the Text is Clear and Readable:

It is important to ensure that the business cards are easy and simple to read. For which, you need to focus on the font and layout design that will help your customers or clients to read it easily. The most important information like name, number, email-id, and designation should be mentioned in a clear way. Please avoid from making your business card look cluttered.

3. Some Special or Square Cuts:

If you want a unique look, then considering a square cut or special cuts like droplet or circle format will prove to be eye-catching to present a business card to your clients in a totally different way (compared to the standard business cards). Overall it is found that business cards with square cuts are quite popular in use as it can easily fit in a business card holder and easy to carry.

4. Paper Quality:

Focus on the quality of paper used for creating your business cards. It is believed that a thicker card adds a more professional look and feel to your business card and makes it durable. You can choose different types of paper by considering the uncoated or coated, shade and color. Go with a thick paper to create your business card that prevents it from potential damages like getting folded or scratched.

5. Decorative Finishings:

The decorative effects and finishings include cut-outs, emboss/deboss and spot UV to create an impressive business card.

6. Foil Ink:
To create a classy business card, you can consider using foil ink, which gives the card an attractive and shining effect. You can consider the foil ink in different colors like blue, green, gold or silver and use it with small fonts to get the best results.

Printing Solutions in Winston Salem:
Offset Printing:

An offset printing in Winston Salem is a fast and inexpensive way of getting well designed and beautiful business cards. When you need business cards in larger quantities, then opt for an offset printing, as it can use a large variety of paper types with custom finishes, highest printing quality, and greater detail.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing in Winston Salem is an improved technology that proves to be effective when your setup costs are lower for short runs. Most of the businesses in Winston Salem opt for digital printing to produce small batches of business cards, which proves to be cost-effective.

To get the cost-effective, customized printing solutions and well-designed business cards, you need to rely on a reputable graphic and printing solution provider in Winston Salem, NC.

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