Principles of MLM Success: Success Truth #2: There is a Formula for Success

By: Dave Schlueter

Did you ever set your intention on some goal in life that at the time you just had to have and then later attained it? Think back in your life and search the vaults. What was the process like?
Was it someone you were dying to date, or maybe some toy you had to have? Or was it some academic, civic, art, or sports achievement? Perhaps it was a title, promotion, or job you were seeking? Everyone probably has at least one example they can look to which will help them understand elements of the following process.

Now remember, did you see yourself in possession of this prize well before you attained it? Did this desire permeate your dreams, your visions, and your mental focus? Were you perhaps even mentally obsessive about it (focused)? Did you energize this vision with your attention, emotion, and intention? Were you able to almost feel it,, taste it, or smell it? Were you thinking from the end whether you knew how you would achieve it or not? Could you see the end result and almost experience it even before you arrived there? Go backwards in time now and try to remember.

The point I am trying to get across is this; there was a process involved that took you from a place of wanting or intention to eventual fulfillment. It is no different when we are talking about MLM Success. It is a process.

Did you have to sacrifice something to achieve your goal? Was time, energy, money, patience, or effort expended? Did you have some sort of plan or system that enabled you to achieve your desire? Or did you just leave things to chance, and hope for luck to shine gracefully upon you? Was action required on your part? Or did the prize fall effortlessly into your lap? Did it take some time? Did it take days, weeks, months, or even years? Did it take training, practice, or experience first? Did you have to postpone gratification for a while? Was perservereance required on your part? Was your reason and resolve strong so that nothing could deter you for long? Or did you let fear, discomfort, or difficulty stop you at the first crisis? Were you resolute and steadfast or easily deterred?

When we evalutate our lives successes, and all it took to achieve our worthy dreams and goals, I am absolutely amazed when I hear about new distributors whining and ready to quit 90 days into the MLM process. And why do they whine; because MLM Success hasn't miraculously fallen into their laps yet? Wow! Really?

Let's take a deeper look at the life process of manifestation and what it can require.

Visualization: What does my MLM and personal success look and feel like? How do I need to see things and feel about things to succeed? What new perspectives and vision might I need for greater success in my business and in my life? What's need to tap these deeper resources?

2. Tools and Resources: What will I need for my MLM success that I don't already possess? What do I need to know and where can I get this information? What kind of tools, techniques, education, and support will I need?

3. Sacrifice: What costs will I have to commit to in order to fulfill my vision? Are there things I will need to do without, give up altogether, or modify? How much do I need to invest in myself, my business, and my success to achieve the level of wealth and abundance I desire?

4. Action: What are the critical action steps I must take? What does the path to my success really require from me and look like? Is there an action system I can follow to reduce wasted effort? What kind of intensity will I need to follow through? Which steps are most critical?

Success is a formula. There is reason, rhyme and rhythm to why it works, works so well, and works all the time when you work it. Once a formula or equation is known and understood, it can be logically applied to produce predictable results. This is why Henry Ford was calm and poised when asked by a reporter how he would react if he were to lose his fortune tomorrow.He replied in a casual self-assured fasion, that he wouldn't worry, because he'd have it all back in a short span of five or so years. He knew the success equation. He carried his true wealth within him, so he was secure. He intimately the process. Much like riding a bicycle, he realized he could do it again no matter what if it was necessary. Money or possesions alone cannot purchase the serene security and power that this knowledge did. Having a working knowledge of the success equation, and possessing an internal blueprint that was worth billions, caused Henry Ford to be unruffled by the suggestion of loss. People who are ruffled by their first 90 days in the industry need to take some serious notes here.

From the inner realm of success springs forth all outward manifestations or results. There can be no one without the other. One goes before the other in a sequence of events known as the success equation. Without this sequence of events results will be neither lasting or desireable over time. Harvest comes and harvest goes, but the tangible fruits of a bountiful harvest either manifest from within by this sequence of events, or they fail to produce the desired result. They will remain dormant within the individual, beckoning to burst forth. You'll need inner vision and a plan of rightly directed outward action to bring forth an abundant and desirable harvest. Without this your potential goes unrealized. The seed for your manifestation lies dormant. You must strategically cultivate the inner realm of your being and perform the outer requirements.

You have to germinate the seed within you. Then you must add weight, substance, and mass to this sprout. You nourish this sprout with your energy, infusing it with health and vigor, or you starve it with disbelief or negative energy. Ultimately it is up to you. You are responsible. You must add to this the knowledge and sequence of events- the action steps necessary to bring your inner vision to outer manifestation. Your shoots must break forth from the soil and continually if your vision is to live. You must invest in yourself. The success equation is the vehicle or mechanism by which you materialize your inner world desires (the seed of intention) into physical world outward realities (the fruits of manifestation). Action is the bridge between the inner world visions and outer world results.

The fruition of your goals is dependent on a series of proper action steps - both inner world and outer world in nature - which we refer to as a "The Success Equation." Henry Ford possessed both. Ford held deed and title to billions in both the inner world and outer world. He understood the process required. He understood the system. He understood the "Success Equation.". He nourished this sprout with the proper energy necessary to manifest his visions. As a result his legacy lives on and gives away hundreds of millions every year to various charities as a result of his Perpetual Philanthropy. Magnificent isn't it?

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