Princess Diana Murder: Was She Killed Because She Was Pregnant?

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Over and over again the establishment have gone to great lengths to assure the public that Princess Diana was not pregnant with Dodi Fayed's child at the time of her death. It has to be right because they said so and anyway it was widely stated as such in the press and on TV. And we all know how so very accurate information from the TV is not so? (I'm being sarcastic in case you haven't caught on).

But what if the story of her having not been pregnant is just another lie disseminated by the perpetrators? It is known that the day before she and Dodi were killed they were very excited about something. In fact despite widely acclaimed denials from those who would benefit from keeping such information hidden, Dodi Fayed had already bought Princess Diana a ring!

The intelligence agencies were well aware of this fact! On August 21, 1997 Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed left London for a cruise on the Cote d'Azur aboard Al Fayed's luxury yacht The Jonikal.

Picking Out A Ring And Excited Over Pregnancy

It was during this cruise that Dodi and Princess Diana gave their bodyguards the slip when the yacht anchored off Cap Ferrat in Monaco. Whilst ashore and having given their bodyguards the slip, they picked out an engagement ring at the Repossi Jewelry Store in the Hermitage Hotel, leaving instructions that it be forwarded to the Repossi Store in Paris for collection the next week.

The intelligence agencies were well aware of this and knew that time was running out. If they were going to assassinate Princess Diana and fake it as an accident the window of opportunity was fast shrinking. They had to strike soon before Dodi and Diana announced their engagement and her pregnancy thereby giving a very strong case for murder in the event they both met with an untimely death!

Diana herself had informed reporters the day before her death (August 30, 1997) that she had a big that would rock the British Monarchy to the core! Could that big surprise have been that she and Dodi were about to get married or even more startling that not only was she about to marry Dodi Fayed but that she was pregnant with his child!

Was Princess Diana Illegally Embalmed To Cover Up Her Pregnancy?

After the horrendous crash in the tunnel one of first people on the scene to assist the injured princess was a doctor (not affiliated with the authorities) who said that Princess Diana kept mumbling something while at the same time rubbing her abdomen. Could Diana have been trying to bring attention to the fact that she was pregnant and that the status of her baby should be checked?

The body of the Princess of Wales was illegally embalmed several hours following the announcement of her death at 4.00 a.m. on August 31st, 1997! The embalming took place at 2 p.m. on 31 August 1997, a process that took about two and a half hours.

The embalming procedure was at the behest of Sir Michael Jay, the British Ambassador in Paris who relayed specific instructions to Madame Coujard of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Paris that Princess Diana's body should be embalmed! It is of significance that there was no such request to have Dodi Fayed embalmed!

Why Was Embalming Princess Diana Illegal And What Purpose Did It Serve?

According to French Law (Codes of Territorial Authorities) before an embalming may take place authorization must be obtained from the mayor of the region in which death took place or the location in which embalming was to proceed.

There are various stipulations and requirements stated within "The Codes of Territorial Authorities" that must be met before an embalming can legally take place in France. One that has particular relevance in the embalming of Princess Diana states the following requirement: "A certificate from the doctor authorized to certify death, confirming that there are no legal reasons why this procedure cannot proceed."

Yet get such authorization was given by the attendant physician who signed the death certificate!

In fact according to Doctor Bruno Riou, the on-call emergency anesthetist who was part of the surgery team that attended and tried to resuscitate Princess Diana when she finally arrived at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, he specifically signed a certificate that declared there were medical and legal reasons why embalming of Princess Diana should not proceed! Those reasons were on account that the princess' death was due to an "accident" as opposed to natural causes!

In spite of Dr. Bruno Riou's legal certificate opposing expeditious embalming of Diana's body pending further investigation, for reasons unknown the procedure still went ahead! It should be noted that Dr. Bruno Riou was the physician who officially pronounced Princess Diana dead at 4.00 a.m. on August 31, 1997.

Embalming Princess Diana Would Have Hidden All Trace Of Her Pregnancy!

The only conclusion that one can possibly arrive at is that persons unknown went to great lengths to ensure no autopsy was ever conducted on Princess Diana. Why? How about the fact that an autopsy and blood samples from the princess' body would have revealed beyond a shadow of doubt that Diana was pregnant!

And that was something the people behind her assassination could never allow because then it would lead the entire accident scenario into completely new territory...that of murder and conspiracy!

The embalming procedure was an insurance policy!

If ever an autopsy or pregnancy test was conducted after embalming had taken place the embalming fluid within Diana's body would return a compromised result. On the off chance that a pregnancy test was conducted and came back with a positive results the plotters could scientifically argue that it was a false positive result due to the embalming fluid and not to a true pregnancy.

As for the reason for the embalming? It was something along the lines that Princess Diana's body was being preserved so that she could be viewed and given a final farewell (closure?) by the grieving public!

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