Preventive Maintenance on Sea Fishing Tackle is a Must

By: DanPartridge

It is important that you take proper care of your sea fishing tackle. It extends their life, prevents accidents that may result from their damage, and helps you enjoy the sport more.

Part of being a good fisherman is knowing how the proper maintenance of your sea fishing tackle is done. It is very, very important that you know how to take good care of your sea fishing tackle. After all, no matter how good a fisherman you are, your performance in the pursuit of the sport will only be as good as the condition of your fishing gear. The fact is that you cannot expect your fishing gear to be in good condition if you do not take good care of it.

When you fish at sea, you expose your tackle to seawater and the salty sea breeze. The salt from the water and the wind, if left alone, can cling to the plates and the insides of your reel. Eventually, the salt can corrode the metal the reel and the gears inside it are made of. Even if the reel plates are made of carbon composites, which do not get corroded by salt, the screws holding them together and the gears inside may not be made of the same stuff.

That is not all of it. The way you handle your sea fishing tackle also greatly affects its condition. If you drop your rod, it may get cracked or bent at an angle that skews its balance when you hold it. If you spool your line the wrong way, it can get misaligned. If you leave the line spooled in the reel even after you are done fishing, you are inviting corrosion on your reel.

Preventive maintenance of your sea fishing tackle is essential if you want to pursue fishing seriously. Taking good care of your fishing equipment not only extends their life but also enhances your enjoyment of the sport. It can also prevent accidents that may occur from a fishing rod breaking, the level wind on the reel snapping or the line fraying on the rod.

Preventive maintenance of your sea fishing tackle is easy. All you need to do is to wash your fishing rod with warm tap water right after you use it, and then dry it thoroughly before you store it away. Also, take the time to check the insides of the reel to see if there are corroding parts or debris lodged within. Oil the gears with lightweight oil specifically made for fishing reels to keep them in smooth, working order.

Another thing you should look at when checking on your sea fishing tackle are your rod guides. If your rod guides are worn out or cracked, they can cut your line when you are struggling with a big catch. You do not need to be told how disappointing that can get, losing a good catch because of a broken line. You may have to take your rod to a repair shop to get those guides fixed.

Taking proper care of your sea fishing tackle will help a lot in keeping your enjoyment level up as you go fishing out in the sea. Again, your excellence as a fisherman is only as good as the condition of your sea fishing tackle.

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