Prevention of Low Back Pain

By: James V Nolan

Low back pain affects hundreds of thousands of people each year. Unfortunately, statistics point out that almost everyone, at some point in their lifetime, will experience low back pain. We may not be able to completely prevent all possible occurrences of it, there are many things we can do. We will look at some of the practical preventative tactics such as diet, posture, lifting and massage chair therapy which can help to minimize the possibility of low back pain or speed its recovery.
The diet is the fuel we are putting into our body. It is important to maintain nutrition so that our muscles and soft tissues can perform. Many people have poor diets because they eat many processed foods and sugars or fast foods high in fats. This can cause people to gain weight. Your spine has to take up this extra weight on an ongoing basis. For better health it is important to reduce the weight and stress on the spine.
Although your spine is an amazing engineering feat, it can become overloaded or misused. It is important to use proper lifting techniques and to maintain your posture. Learn to protect your back. When you lift use your legs. Your posture should be upright and not in a slouched position.
Simple things like sitting and standing can help reduce the occurrence of low back pain. Many people sit with their shoulders slouched or too far back in the chair. You should sit more upright and support your spine. When you sit in a slouched position with your shoulders forward, it puts more pressure on your upper back. This is easy to correct by holding your shoulders back and sitting straight in the chair.
Lifting objects is an important area to perform correctly. Injury can occur even with light objects. Most people incorrectly lift objects by bending over and using their back. This causes very small muscles to have to do the heavy lifting. The proper technique to lift objects is with your legs. To lift objects with your legs you must bend your knees. Bend your knees down until you can pick up the object and then straighten your legs back up while keeping your back straight.
Exercise is another great preventative practice for low back pain. Start with a stretching course for the muscles. You can then do light exercises. Just going for a walk for 20 minutes can contribute greatly to good spine health. This will help to strengthen the muscles of the back as well as your heart.
Massage chairs help to increase the flexibility of the lower back muscles. Massage chairs use a finger press technique to adjust each vertebra. This will elongate the muscles and tendons surrounding the spinal column. This helps increase their elasticity which helps them become more flexible. Massage chairs also apply kneading, tapping and vibration to stimulate these key muscles which helps to reduce pain and speed up the healing process.
You should also examine how you sleep. Your sleeping position is very important. We typically spend anywhere between 6 to 8 hours sleeping per day. This is perhaps something we do more than anything else. It is better to sleep on your back than on your stomach. Some people find that putting a pillow between their knees helps to keep their spine straighter, if you sleep on your side. Sometimes the mattress does not support properly, but with the addition of a small rolled towel under your lower back can provide the support you need.
We are very dependent on our spine for our mobility. It is important to take preventative actions to keep it healthy. If you do suffer from low back pain then it is important to strengthen the lower back. Check with your physician as to how you can prevent low back pain in your situation. Ask your physician about diet, exercise, sleeping position, massage chair therapy and proper lifting techniques. Massage chairs can be a great tool to help you maintain the ideal health of your spine.

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