Preventing Unnecessary Cancer with a Chlorine Water Filter

By: John Sern

According to a scientific study, chlorine is widely associated with cancer, specifically cancer of the bladder, rectum and breast. Continued exposure to chlorine can lead to the birth of these several types of cancer cells and may even lead to a specific kind of heart disease such as the hardening of the arteries. Unfortunately, this chemical is very near to us and we often get into contact with it everyday. Though chlorine is used to kill the germs and bacteria in our water, this chemical in itself is very dangerous. If chlorine water filter is not used in the household, there is a very big chance of incurring cancer and other diseases.

The U. S. Council for Environmental Quality has also supported the aforementioned claim by saying that there is 93% more cancer risk for those who drink chlorine water than those who do not. They also said that when chlorine is added to trihalomethanes it triggers the production of free radicals in the body. This, in turn, causes cell damage and may highly be carcinogenic. In this case, again, chlorine water filter comes into picture.

Chlorine water filter may be in the form of shower water filters or sink water filters. Shower water filters can be found in most hardware and water supplies store. As the name implies, it is attached to the stem of the shower we use. Studies have found that chlorine exposure is very high when taking a bath or shower. This is so because when we shower, our pores tend to open up, making it more at risk to accumulating contaminants and chemical from water. If we use a chlorine water filter for our shower, this may totally reduce the amount of chlorine our skin make contact with.

Sink water filters, on the other hand, may prevent our intake of de-chlorinated water. Since most food preparations involve the use of water, from washing the ingredients to cooking them, chlorine water filter assure us that there would be no chemical in the food which we will eat. Putting a chlorine water filter in the sink may also be very convenient when washing the dishes.

Through chlorinated water may cause the production of cancer cells, ironically, a practical solution to cancer, particularly bladder and rectal cancers, is to drink lots of fluids. Medical experts say that water helps the cancer patient adapt better in his illness and may reduce the symptoms he feel. So obviously, to prevent the spread of the cancer cells, it is important to drink decontaminated water, specifically de-chlorinated ones. We may certainly do not have any other choice but to drink water. But at least, we can choose what type of water we drink.

Some municipal water treatment plants make the water cleaner and purer by adding chlorine. Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that there may be ways to eliminate chlorine from our water once it has performed its cleaning and purifying functions. Hence, the solution really falls into the hands of the individual households. Because of this, it is important to have a chlorine water filter at home.

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