Preventing Insomnia

By: Robert Thomson

Insomnia is a disorder that affects an adult from sleeping and it can last from just a few days to years. Left unaided, it can contribute to a number of other health problems such as stress symptoms, anxiety and depression.

It is worth trying alternative insomnia products such as listening to a sleep CD prior to bed which relaxes the body and reduces stress prior to sleep. Or why not try a hot bath prior to sleep mixed with sleep inducing essential oils such Restful Sleep Oil from or other well known essential oils such as Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Lavender or Sandalwood. This can be a great way to raise your core body temperature prior to sleep, which is important as the brain releases sleep hormones serotonin and melatonin when it experiences a quick drop in body temperature. You can also put drops of these essential oils onto your bed linen or pillow or diffuse the essential oil into the air with a restful sleep diffuser to also help relax the body in preparation for sleep. Combine your routine with a specialist sleep pillow, magnetic sleep therapy and other specialist insomnia products such as the dreamate sleeping aid can also help reduce insomnia massively. Importantly, you should try not to worry about not sleeping. Stress symptoms increase the more anxious you become. To help, think to yourself 'it is only for one night, tomorrow I will sleep perfectly'. Bringing your sleep routine and insomnia into perspective can help reduce the psychological effects of insomnia.

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