Preventing Brain Trauma

By: Jerry Work

A person’s brain can be very important. Just try driving a car or reading a book without it. It can’t be done! Even a mild concussion can have long-term effects, therefore it is important that you keep your family safe from brain injury. The advice in this article will help keep you safe.

Serious trauma can result from car accidents. The impact of a windshield during an accident can pose great risk to the brain. By simply putting on a seatbelt while in a car can help prevent a brain injury. Another easy step to help prevent injury is to ensure that children are in the right type of car seat, and that children under the age of two are facing the back of the car. You should never drive your car while intoxicated. By driving while intoxicated you are increasing your chance of a brain injury or worse.

You should always wear a helmet when you are performing any activity that may have potential for you to fall down. Examples include riding a bicycle, skate boarding, and horseback riding. Many organized sports such as baseball or football also call for wearing protective headgear. It is especially important for children, but highly recommended for adults as well.

Lest you think you are safe from brain injury once you get in your home, think again. Brain injury can occur with a fall down the stairs, so it is important to keep your balance by holding on to rails. Another danger in the home is bathtubs. To prevent slips you should apply a non-slip mat or appliqués to the bottom of your tub. Senior citizens have a greater chance of traumatic brain injuries (or TBI’s) which are typically caused by falling. If you provide care for a senior citizen, it is especially important to use safeguards around your home to prevent falls.

Make the areas where your children play outside your home as injury-proof as possible. In areas where children may have greater chance of injury, such as a swing or slide, it is a good idea to use mulch or sand to cover the ground. Children should never be left unattended.

If a hard hit to the head happens know the signs of brain injury, and be aware of headaches or any changes. Call your healthcare provider immediately if you think you have had more than a mere knot on your head. Other possible symptoms to be aware of include ringing in the ears, loss of taste or smell, poor balance, fatigue, excessive sleeping, or being slow to act or respond to others in general. Slurred speech, vomiting and convulsions can all be signs or a more serious problem.

Injuries in the brain can cause serious, long lasting health problems in children, adults and elders alike. The key to staying safe, is to be aware of the symptoms, and know what actions you should take. Despite how careful you may be, brain injuries can still happen. But, by using the information in this article you can be prepared and know the danger signs.

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