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By: Harry Williams.

Electric lighting is a major energy consumer. Enormous energy savings are possible using energy efficient equipment, effective controls, and careful design. Electric lighting design strongly affects the visual performance and comfort as well, by maintaining adequate and appropriate illumination while controlling reflection and glare.

The daylight-responsive lighting controls or !b> Photo Controls reduce electric lighting in response to available interior daylight luminance, and are the next frontiers for saving energy with lighting controls. In particular, to detect that transition from daylight to night so that lights may be turned on for security, safety and aesthetic reasons. For instance, street lights are generally provided with photo-control devices to turn on the street lights at dusk. Photo Sensor controls monitor daylight conditions and allow fixtures to operate only when needed. These sensors detect the quantity of light and send a signal to a main controller to adjust the lighting.

Photoelectric switches are perfect for exterior lights such as lampposts and wall mounted sconces. They are so useful that they are being factory installed on more and more exterior light fixtures to provide the home owner with both safety and economy in numerous ways. Energy Star is the symbol for energy efficiency. Products labeled with this symbol use less energy than other standard products. They save money on utility bills and help protect the environment. Generally, they outperform conventional products and are at the top of the class for energy efficiency.

Bright Image Corporation offers Commercial Photo Controls that activate with natural sunlight, and help save energy, bulb life, electricity & money by automatically reducing the daily operating time. These lighting controls work with CFL, incandescents, mercury vapor, metal halide, sodium vapor, LED, Halogen, fluorescent bulbs etc., and discourage intruders by automatically lighting grounds at night.

For use of photoelectric controls during evening and early dark morning time, Bright Image has pioneered the unique feature of Dual On/Off Photo-Circuit. It allows fixture bulbs to turn off after a consumer selected period at night to save energy and to automatically turn on again at early dark morning hours to light the grounds.

Because a good lighting design includes a good controls design, such lighting controls serve excellently by eliminating the energy waste while providing a productive visual environment, thus safeguarding both energy and environment!

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