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Museums are a storehouse of history of any region. They are the best place to get in contact with our real past and understand our roots. However, it is not always easy to store or preserve items and artefacts dating thousands of years back. In these cases, advanced museum cabinets from the house of CGcabinets with several features come as a respite for many concerned authorities.

Storing artefacts in a museum require tougher material. In addition, museum is a place where historical artefacts are effectively displayed. This calls for storage and display units with maximum glass surface that would enable proper viewing. Additional facility for effective lighting - either halogen or LED ones, would be highly beneficial for the purpose.

Authorities of museums of present day highly prefer advanced interior lighting for cabinets for displaying the heritage of human race. Effective lighting offers better visibility, since people might have problem to inspect all minute details of the artefacts displayed inside the museum building and even covered with glass barricades or cabinets. CGcabinets has introduced range of bright LED lights or fiber optic lighting that ensures proper lighting under these circumstances.

Specialties associated with CGcabinets’ high-end modern museum display cabinets

Modern cabinets of the company that are highly used to display items and other invaluable artefacts in the museums are mainly fitted with advanced mini climate control systems. This feature are effective to maintain optimum humidity that is required to preserve artefacts that are centuries old. In many museums, the nature of cabinets offers huge importance to preserve mummies and other delicate remains of extinct animals.

Some units come with ultra clear glass panel that offers effective visibility and the visitors do not have to face reflective images or mirror images. Apart from the glass factor, inert material construction also prevents any unusual reaction of the artefacts and preserves them for extended periods.

Related security systems of CGcabinets’ museum glass display cabinets

Glass display cabinets for museums by CGcabinets also come with advanced security systems, since it is not possible to keep close watch on all the items at a moment by security personnel. In addition, the anti burglary alarm system that comes with various advanced museum cabinets also play a major role to keep historical matters under safe custody.

Toughened glass, or even bulletproof and anti-bandit glass cabinets are largely sought for protecting museum artefacts. In addition to these, quality of locks of the cabinets should also not be compromised with. Thus, almost all glass cabinets by the company used for displaying items at museum come with lids that can be locked electronically. Modern technology has conferred high security coded locking system in these products, intrigued with alarm systems. These systems play a major role in protecting these historically significant materials. CGcabinets’ product line also includes many glass counter cabinets come with double security locks to offer greater protection.

A number of glass display cabinet effectively used in museums

The company brings a variety of glass display cabinets that can be effective to display major artefacts in a museum. They are tough and sturdy enough to store heavy materials and even have great visibility enabling visitors to enjoy full view of the preserved materials. The varieties can be categorized as follows -

· Majestic glass counter cabinet
· Floor standing display cabinet
· Built-in museum display cabinet
· Modular system display cases
· Counter height model display
· Wall mounted display cabinet
· Sentinel high security cabinet


Glass display cabinet offers greater advantage for any nature of display purpose. However, when displaying in museums is concerned, then it is very crucial to choose high performance cabinets with effective locking and alarm facilities for added protection. You can also choose temperature controlled display cabinets to preserve, as well as, display important and endangered items. You can also visit website of CGcabinets and clarify every query regarding various cabinets before choosing the best cabinet to display artefacts.

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