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Using a furniture storage facility might be ideal if you are relocating with your family and have too many valuables and household items to move at one go. Your new house might still be under renovation or might not be able to accommodate all the furniture you have accumulated over the years. There might also be a possibility that your old furniture might not be in synch with the moldings and layout of your new abode - a classic case of a clash between modern and contemporary designs. This is where a furniture storage company can be of great help. Not only can you put away unnecessary items, but you can also rest assured that when you retrieve them they will be in mint condition.

Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind before you put your possessions in a storage facility. These tips are important to ensure that you completely understand the demands of these units versus the requirements of your property.

1. Chose a unit that is temperature or climate controlled. This is important to help prevent any damage to your stuff from moisture, fungus and leakages. If however these units do not fit your budget then consider using thick plastic sheets to shield the items. These will not only act as a moisture barrier but will also keep dust and mites away.
2. Try to disassemble as much of the furniture as you safely can. Storing all the parts individually instead of as a whole will help minimize potential damage within the furniture storage unit. Packing each of these pieces in the thick plastic sheets or in boxes will also help prevent them from getting scratched or chipped.
3. Cleaning all the furniture pieces thoroughly before storing them is a good idea. This not only helps prevent white ants and other insects but also keeps dust stains at bay. Though you might assume that dust can be easily be wiped away at any point of time, even the slightest amount of moisture will cause it to stick to the furniture. This is then difficult to remove even with the help of cleaning liquids and water, which sometimes cause further damage.
4. Glass is also another difficult item to store. Using a tape specially designed for glass to mark an X on it will help prevent cracks or even the entire piece from shattering. This can be used for tabletops, mirrors and even television sets and screens. After using the tape, cover the object with corrugated paper and then a final layer of plastic to seal it off. Again packing each piece individually after dismantling the entire object will make it easier to store and prevent possible damage.
5. Every furniture storage unit will offer you racks, shelving, boxes and other packing supplies at a discount. Use these to maximum advantage. Take advice and help of the facility managers and attendants. This will not only ensure that your furniture is stored safely but that you also optimize the allocation of space within the unit.

By taking all these precautionary measures along with implementing the best of the suggestions of the storage managers, you will be able to get the most out of the facility. And though to some extent it pays to be as involved as possible, dont forget to seek advice of experts if you need it.

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