Prepare a Healthy Pasta using Simple Pasta Recipes!

By: Doug Schlette

Pasta has been thought of as fattening and low nutritional food before its importance was seen by the nutritional experts. Pasta is not a fattening food but instead it is a source of fiber and complex carbohydrates. It is even healthier when prepared using simple pasta recipes.
Carbohydrates are a source of vitamins, energy and minerals for the body. Pasta, prepared using any of simple pasta recipes, is also known to contain low fat contents and calories which vary slightly depending on the ingredients and the simple pasta recipe used for preparing pasta dough. The fats and calories intake to our body when eating pasta is mainly because of the topping and sauce added to pasta and not the pasta itself.
Having mentioned pastas nutritional values now you dont need to worry about your health when eating pasta. Pasta can be easily prepared at your home using simple pasta recipes. Lets start with the basics of cooking pasta. The basic method adopted by many for preparing pasta is boiling. Alternatively, you can deep or stir fry or bake as well. The necessary equipments required are large pot, a spoon (large) and colander. It is recommended to use perforated insert with a stock large pot.
You can either buy pasta or prepare it fresh at home with the help of simple pasta recipes. When preparing it at home, add a maximum of cup of semolina flour instead of same quantity of all-purpose flour. Also, if at any point the pasta dough is felt sticky, sprinkle flour on it as well as rolling pin and cutting board.
Preparing simple and tasty pasta dough can be done easily if you follow some helpful tips. When mixing the dough you can use a processor instead of using your hands for kneads. When you are cutting the dough into strips, you should save the unnecessary edges cut-off and join them at the end to make additional strips. Leave these strips for 15 minutes to dry so that they are firm and not stick while cooking. When about to cook, ensure that it is added to plenty of boiling water and stirred so that pasta strips doesnt stick together. You can also add salt to avoid sticking and bring out the flavor.
Simple pasta recipes are easily available that can help you in preparing pasta. One of the recipes is given below.
The ingredients that you need for this simple pasta recipe are: a. Egg-1 (beaten) b. Salt- tsp(for dough) c. Salt-1-2 tbsp(for cooking) d. All-purpose flour- 1 cup e. Water- 2 tbsp(for dough), 4-6 quarts of water(for cooking)
Mix the flour and salt in a bowl of medium size. After this make a hole in the middle and add the beaten egg to it. Mix thoroughly. Your dough will be stiff now. Add 2 tbsp of water as per requirement to the dough. After this knead dough for at least three minutes. Now use a rolling machine for thinning dough. Cut the strips and allow them to dry for about fifteen minutes. Finally add the strips to large pot of boiling water and cook till slightly firm.

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