Prepare Scrumptious Dishes with Simple Tofu Recipes!

By: Doug Schlette

Tofus versatility is what makes it a popular food item. It can be added to any dish of your choice or prepare a new one with it. Tofu can be used in soups, desserts, main dishes, side dishes, salads, breakfast and many more. There are a number of simple tofu recipes for each of these categories. Not only because its versatile and helps in preparation of delicious dishes, tofu is healthy as well. It is made from soy food which itself offers numerous health benefits. Soy food is known to reduce high blood pressure, helps breast cancer patients, improves the cardiovascular system and many more.
Tofu has fewer amounts of calories, offers zero cholesterol and saturated fats but is rich in iron. Also, depending on coagulant used during its manufacturing, tofu may contain high amount of magnesium and calcium.
Tofu can be easily purchased from the market or prepared at home. Tofus are either firm or soft. Firm tofu can be used for deep-frying, in soups and stews. Soft Tofu, together with other ingredients, can be used to make scrumptious dishes, desserts, creamed soups and many more.
You can easily get simple tofu recipes from a nearby bookstore or search through the internet for a simple tofu recipe. All you need to do is follow the directions given in the tofu recipe to prepare a tasty tofu dish. Also, if you follow some useful tips along with recipe you can make perfect tofu dishes.
Here are some tips for you so that you can also make perfect tofu dishes. These tips are given below: a. For firming tofu, place it in freezer for one night and next day thaw it out before squeezing water out of it completely. b. When you are cooking tofu, move it from time to time in the oil or else it will stick to the bottom. For moving tofu around use a long spoon so as to avoid burning your hand if oil drops splash out. c. Generally, a cooked tofu rises to the top of the oil d. Always make sure that the tofu is fully cooked or else it will become hard from the outside while uncooked from the inside. The outside will look as if about to burst. e. When the tofu is cooked, get rid of excess oil by placing it on paper towel.
Here is a simple tofu recipe for you. The ingredients required are: a. Tofu(firm)- 4 pieces b. Salt- as per requirement c. Oil- as per requirement (for deep-frying) d. Cucumber (finely shredded) " 1 cup e. Bean sprouts " 1 cup
Place tofu on paper towel after cutting it in triangular shape. Then rub the surface with salt before deep frying in hot oil. Let them fry until the edges are crisp and tofu turns deep brown. Dry them on paper towel. Slice tofu horizontally for filling.
For filling, first blanch bean sprouts. Using cold water rinse the beans. Then mix with cucumber and fill the tofu. Your dish is ready. Serve tofu with chili sauce.

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