Premature Baby Clothes should not have to be Dull

By: DanPartridge

Premature baby clothes used to be very dull. Now the premature baby clothes have their own fashion style with form and function.

Just because your baby is a preemie, there is no reason why you should dress your little precious in dull premature baby clothes. Your preemie deserves all the nice and dainty things other babies have. And not to worry, you can have fun choosing colourful premature baby clothes like booties, caps, and outfits perfect for your preemie, who has decided to have fun.

In your grandmothers time, preemies got the shorter end of the stick when it came to babies outfits. There was nothing for them except the drab hospital isolette during their stay in the ICU. When they went home with mom and dad, they had to endure another set of clothing, which were too large for them.

How can a preemie, who fits snugly in daddys palm, look nice in an outfit for regular-sized newborns? Well, you just can imagine tiny arms peeking out of huge armholes and tiny little feet slipping out giant booties. Receiving blankets were no good too as these smothered them. But thats in the past now. Some enterprising preemie lover saw the plight of parents who wanted their preemies to look as dandy as the baby next door and designed premature baby clothes.

How to Choose Preemie Couture

Now you dont have to wait a year for your precious preemie to put on weight before splurging on preemie clothes without risking their fragile health. Still there are precautions to take when shopping for that little pink dress or blue coverall. These tips will make you and baby happy:

Choose premature baby clothes that have soft organic cotton that will not irritate babys sensitive skin.
Clothes should fit but should not be constricting
Choose clothes that are easy to slip in and out
Opt for clothes that button up front
Avoid clothes that have tiny buttons and other unnecessary frills.
Choose warm but airy clothing
Choose flame retardant clothing

Shopping for premature baby clothes is fun for both mom and dad. So shop with your partner and indulge in your baby couture fantasy. Here are fashion tips to boost your preemies entrance to society:

Choose soft pastels for babys day out.
A dainty white christening dress with exquisite ribbons and laced hem will be a screaming success.
For the preemie boy, a white suit with a dainty bow tie will be perfect.
Have bonnets and accessories personalised with babys name.
Coordinate colours for variety.
Dont forget those dainty girlish ribbons to match the babys dresses.

Who says that you and baby should endure tasteless and lifeless outfits? With all those colourful hoods, rompers, cardigans and jackets, and tops and shorts, your precious preemie can have it all.

With your preemie looking all cute and dolled up in premature baby clothes, youll forget the heart-wrenching bouts at the ICU. Your baby is now happily putting on weight and will soon outgrow the premature baby clothes. But whilst you are still in the preemie stage, let baby shine and outshine the baby next door.

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