Pregnancy and Baby Boy Names

By: Benicio Brown

Whether itís in the animal world or human, pregnancy is a very important time for any family. It is that special blessing that allows families to bond better, to express love and take care of each other. At a time like this, thereís: happiness on everyoneís face and that truly canít be replicated by any other joy in the world. The experience of conceiving is entirely a womanís domain and her happiness can spread joy to every family members face. This is a time when she needs to be cared for, well fed and treated more or less like a princess and yes weíre talking about pampering her as much as you can because she brings to us a gift thatís not possible from any other source. Pregnancy is an important time in the family and all family members need to ensure that the soon to be mother does not exhaust or strain herself right from the early days. So when it comes to little household chores, picking up things behind you or little errands in the neighborhood all family members need to do their bit.

When it comes to pregnancy, the little bump will not be evident or noticeable at its inception and neither are you going for a sonograph on the very first day, but thereís tell tale signs of pregnancy. First and foremost most women become aware just as soon as they miss their period dates. You could let it go unnoticed if you were about a week late, but longer than that may just be the sign you were looking for and itís time to talk to your doctor. Once youíre pregnant, your appetite will invariably increase. You will certainly be hungry before meal times or will feel the need to nibble away even when itís not time to eat. This is not all; youíre also going to eat a little more despite having eaten all the tidbits. Hereís another sign. For women, you could always, press around your nipples with just a little extra force to observe if there is a watery white secretion from your nipples. This isnít something youíd do ordinarily but if youíre feeling something within, this is a guaranteed sign. Another sign, which is usually noticed by family members, is mood swings. As a result of the phenomenal hormone changes within you thereís going to be noted changes in your demeanor. We donít mean irrational but theyíll certainly be a little different from your usual character.

Of course after the initial hunches and predictions, thereíll be the medical tests, confirmations and precautions to be taken. Honestly, though a long period the excitement is too much for any family and time will certainly fly past, and sooner or later, itís time for the delivery. When it comes to choosing a name for your little bundle of joy, different families do it their way. There are many who will simply check the internet for popular names, whereas others will name the child after someone who has played an important role in their lives.

When it comes to naming baby boys, there are many families where the child is named just as his father only heíll have a junior added to it. For example Robert Downing will have a son called Robert Downing Jr. There are others who choose names inspired from events or places in their lives. For example a little boy could be called Roman if he was conceived on a Roman holiday. Other little boys can be named after popular sports persons. This includes David from David Beckham, Roger from Roger Federer or even Lance from Lance Armstrong. Your little boy could well be named after his grandfather or even an uncle. Little boys can also be named after leading actors and as such thereís a great many Toms, Brads and Bens. A little childís name can also be created by taking a bit from the mothers and fathers names. For example, parents with the name Mike and Rachael could easily name their son Michael. The possibilities are many. For those whoíre influenced by literature, your sonsí names could be popular characters from Shakespeareís creations and there are others who select names from the holy book itself. So whether your nameís Hugh, Jude, Alex, Lucas, Neo, Milan, Ethan or anything else, itís special because when you were a little boy, there was a lot of thought behind finding you the best name.

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