Pregnancy Miracle

By: Donald N. Lombardi

So you want a review on Pregnancy Miracle

I will start off by saying, I do not like hyped up reviews. So I am going to cut the crap and give it to you straight.

Fact: You have a better chance of getting attacked by a polar bear than finding an unbiased review online.

Everyone wants to sell you something.

Personally, I don't have the time to hype up and try to sell every product. Either it is good or it is not.

What is Pregnancy Miracle?

The Pregnancy Miracles was created by Lisa Olson. She had infertility issues and went on to discover these "secrets"...

The Pregnancy Miracle went straight to the top of best selling ebooks. Unfortunately, that does not prove a thing. It just means she is good at promoting her book...

I want to check the background of a person before I buy a book. So I looked into her past.

It turns out that she really did have fertility problems and really did get pregnant late in life.

She did all that without expensive drugs and she did it holistically.

Back to the original question... What is Pregnancy Miracle?

I am going to leave out the hype and lay it all on the table for you.

It is an e-book that you can download straight from the Web. You will not get any physical product. It is just an e-book.

The book is all about holistic healing and Eastern medicine. It does so in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

For the experienced woman, you probably heard a lot of this information.

What I didn't know and you probably don't either, is all the common household stuff that can cause infertility. She lays it all out so you can get quick and safe results. Way to go!

What Works and What Doesn't A 200 page e-book is a LONG book. A little too long for my taste. To actually try these things I had to go take it down to the copy place and print it up. I would have much rather ordered a physical book.

However, once I overcame the issue of referencing, she had some great tips. While my house didn't have the 12 items, it did have 6 and that was 6 too many for me. I also didn't get pregnant in 3 months like many of the testimonials, but I did get pregnant after years of trying.

What to expect from the program:

200 page e-book

Detailed information of what to eat and not eat

Tips for the best baby making sex positions

Learn the signs of when your body is "ready"

Detailed information on things to do and not do

Final Thoughts...

If you are young and have only tried to conceive for a couple of months, don't bother. You will probably get pregnant anyway. However, if you are over 35 or have been trying for a year or more, then this book can help you.

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Donald N. Lombardi is an online researcher and reviewer of Pregnancy Miracle. You can also read about other new products he has reviewed on his blog Product Reviews

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