Precautions to Take to Eliminate Golf Injuries

By: Jim O Connell

As golfers, one of the aggravating things we must deal with is injuries related to the golf swing. Once they occur, sometimes only rest will cure an ailment, and that takes us away from the activity we love to do. But to get rid of golf injuries, as well as less difficult aches and pains, we must have an insight of what causes these ailments, and have a preventive maintenance approach to insure a healthy body.
Since it is a very broad topic, we are going to in this informative article deal with the shoulders and back area. At the outset, the shoulders are a key area due to the range of motion demanded here. The next exercise must be done not only at the beginning of your round of golf, but before each tee shot, at the very least in an abbreviated manner.
1. Grip each end of the club with an overhand grip.
2. Raise the golf club forward and over your head together with your elbows kept straight.
3. Move your hands to the back and behind your head until you are feeling tension within your shoulders.
4. Keep this position for 20 to 30 seconds, and then release.
5. Repeat two or three times.
Do not go beyond your limits, and never jerk when you stretch. Think of the way a cat stretches: slow and deliberate.
The other area which I will address to eliminate golf injuries will be the lower back. This is maybe the most susceptible area for a golfer, because the torque necessary in the golf swing puts an unnatural burden on this part of the body. For this I will recommend an exercise on the course, and another to do in the home or office. Do this on the course prior to your first shot, and then as you might feel muscles tighten up:
1. Stand upright with back and shoulders relaxed.
2. Reach back and join your fingers behind you.
3. Bend forward at the waist, keeping your back vertical.
4. Bring your arms up and forward, keeping your hands together.
5. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds, and let go.
6. Replicate two or three times.
This exercise is a superb help for the upper torso. For some preventive maintenance at home, do this:
1. Sit upright in the chair, back vertical.
2. Extend behind you with your left arm to your right side, rotating your upper body. Create torque by holding your right arm against your right leg.
3. Hold for ten seconds, and repeat the other way. Do that each way a minimum of three times.

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My name is Jim O'Connell, and I hope that you will consider some of these preventive measures before you miss any time on the golf course. This website dealing with Golf Short Game will give you some interesting perspective on how you can improve on all aspects that part of your game, and specifically for putting there is 5 Golf Putting Drills.

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