Power of Handwritten Direct Marketing

By: Davies Solomon

Written MailThe reality of marketing is that there is no “one size fits all”. Human beings have diverse personalities formed by their status in society. A marketing campaign that appeals to people of a certain social strata will usually not appeal to people from different social strata.

When marketing gurus from digital marketing companies say they can reach x number of eyeballs, the question that you need to ask is how many of these ‘eyeballs’ are your actual clients?

What if you could target your marketing to your actual clients and within that group, alter the messages to suit a group’s ethnic, cultural, social, educational or other backgrounds?

Your marketing campaign will not only be highly targeted, it will be more appealing because it would be tailored to suit the group being targeted.

A direct marketing campaign can offer a personalized Small Business Marketing Letters or note. Think about it; the appeal of a general advert in a magazine or newspaper verses a handwritten note that arrives by post and is directly addressed to an individual.

First off, thanks to extensive research, what is offered to the individual would be based on his or her buying patterns. So the product, the personalized letter addressed to the individual is guaranteed to grab the person’s attention. In fact, studies have proved that the response rate is anywhere between 30 to 50% which is downright amazing. So if your current marketing strategy has not been giving the dividends you had expected, perhaps the time has come to try a mature, proven approach.

The key to the success of B2B Sales Letter Writing Services is research! You don’t simply send out letters with a name at the top – this wouldn’t be any different from say e-mailers. You find who your clients are, what age group are they, ethnic and social backgrounds, purchasing preferences and so on. This isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are enough algorithms available that can query customer databases and extract this information.

Our specialization is in writing the perfect handwritten direct marketing. Our handwritten note coupled with the information extracted from the databases grabs the person’s attention and results in a powerful call to action.

Value of a handwritten note in a handwritten direct mail marketing campaign

The first letter that someone is likely to open from a stack of letters, is one that is hand written. The rarity of such letters ensures its attention! Another option we love to use is the humble post-it stuck to the front of the envelope with a small personalized handwritten note. It is truly attention grabbing.

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Solomon Davies is a seasoned Real Estate sales man who has mastered the art of using hand written direct marketing to significantly increase lead generation. Writtenmail.com is the most affordable hand written mail direct marketing company there is.

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