Potty Training

By: Mark Patterson

Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to potty train your toddler? Well there is believe it or not. Parents can always use some helpful hints and some ideas at this time their child's life; I could have for sure.

Encourage, encourage, encourage is the most important thing to remember while you are trying to potty train your toddler. It is best of you stay focused on the positive rather then the negative. The first step is to get your toddler used to being in the bathroom. When they get close encourage then by being truly positive or some parents use a sticker chart. Keep in mind to never over react to accidents, there will be some for sure. If you over react the whole potty training process could drag on longer then it needs to.

It is a great idea to take your toddler with you when you go to the bathroom, this is because toddlers like to do everything that you do. If your toddler sees what you do when you go to the potty they will be more at ease when they try. Use a teddy bear or a doll and pretend that they are using the potty, some toddlers will understand from this. Make certain that every time that your toddler uses the potty, reward them with lots of praise, stickers, or wheatever you have decided.

Potty training needs to be done in a stress free environment. Another thing is that your toddler will not potty train until they are ready and no sooner. If you rtoddler shows no intrest at all then chances are they are not ready to potty train. Wait a few more weeks of this happens then try it again. Remember that is important that you are never negative while you potty train your toddler, sooner or later they will learn how to do it.

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