Positive effects of using a pacer when speed reading

By: dan123

When I first heard about the idea of using a pacer to help improve my speed reading I was a little sceptical, and was unsure if there were any real benefits to using one, so I went and looked to see if there were any benefits and if so what effects does using a pacer have on your speed reading ability.

The first benefit of using a pacer while speed reading is it increases your speed by forcing you to focus on more then one word at a time.

Another benefit is it helps to keep you focused and less easily distracted by things going on around you or going on around you or on the page you are reading.

Another benefit which I personally find very useful is it helps me to move quickly onto the next line more smoothly, I say this because when I used to read with out the use of a pacer, I would often find myself reading the same line by mistake and so loosing my flow and becoming bored and losing the motivation to carry on and also loosing the meaning and flow of what I was reading.

Another benefit which is linked in with the last one is that using a pacer helps to stop you from loosing your place while reading, which can be useful is for example you are reading a passage in a book which is referring to a diagram or image on the opposite page and you want to quickly look at the picture to get a better understating of what you are reading but not loses your place.

And probably the biggest and best benefit for using a pacer while reading is that it stops you from sub-vocalisation, this being to helps to prevent you from sounding out the words you are reading out loud or in your head. This is important for speed reading because if you sound out each word you are limiting the number of words you can read a minute to about 250. It is much better to run your eyes across the words and get the meaning as a result. Reading this way takes practise but is worth it for the improvements in your reading speed.

To uses a pacer while reading is very simple all you have to do is choose your pacer (e.g. finger) then place the pacer on the first word of the line, then move it smoothly across the page to the end of the line. And repeat as you read down the page.

Another big piece that is important to work on in order to become a fast speed reader, is to boost your speed reading stamina, your speed reading stamina is the amount of time you are able to read at speed for with good comprehension and recall. Boosting your speed reading stamina will help you to train and recondition your brain to reading at faster speeds and so will allow you to get all of the benefits of speed reading faster.

I have collected together all of the important things that you will have to do in order to boost your speed reading stamina, all of this information has been arranged into a 7 part e-course that you can take.

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