Portable Security Alarms

By: Tomas Lauri

Often, when imagining security alarms, we think of hefty and complicated systems installed by a specialist that are uniquely configured for any given home. This is not always the case, however. A new generation of portable security alarms are providing increased security and flexibility on a budget, often with little special expertise required, and in situations where a more traditional system would be impractical at best or impossible at worst.
Traditional security systems typically operate using specialized sensors that are installed at strategic points throughout the home. Because these sensors and other equipment are installed according to the unique layout of a specific home and the particular limitations of the equipment, they cannot be transplanted as they are directly to a new home.
Fortunately, portable security systems can overcome these issues. Most of the time, they can be installed by the consumer without the need for professional assistance. In most cases, it's a simple matter of buying the equipment, plugging it in, and running it according to manufacturer specifications.
Many units take advantage of wireless and cellular technology to provide even more security above and beyond that offered by more traditional systems. Many non-portable systems rely on landline service to place their emergency calls. Unfortunately, if a thief cuts the line then help will not arrive. By using cellular networks, these systems bypass fragile wired networks and can still call for help. Also, power surges can accidentally trip traditional systems into placing false calls for help, an issue far less likely with cellular systems.
Portable security systems represent an investment that stays with you. The best non-portable system cannot move with you, instead requiring you to purchase new systems everywhere you move. If you've chosen to invest in a high-quality portable system, however, moving is typically a matter of unplugging the unit, updating the company with your new details and reconnecting the system at your destination.
Taking your system with you provides you with more choice and flexibility when it comes to your family's safety. If you are pleased with your security company and don't want to take a chance with a new one, you can utilize the same great service wherever you happen to live. You won't be tied down to the limited choices that install systems in your area, and you won't spend your time having to research the issue when you move.
Portable security systems are also usable in situations in which systems are traditionally either unavailable or impractical to install. For instance, most apartment complexes explicitly prohibit installing security systems, and very few provide them. Since portable systems rarely involve major installation work, they are an extremely suitable choice for situations wherein installing a full system would prove impractical or impossible. The fact that they can simply be unplugged and moved to another apartment on expiration of the lease further establishes portable security systems as an excellent investment for long-term tenants desiring the increased peace of mind available from these systems.
If you find yourself wanting additional security for your home or your business but feel that a traditional system is either too costly or to difficult to install, consider installing a portable system instead. These are an excellent choice to increase the security of your home or office while making an excellent investment in the long term.

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