Political security, or the airline's safety

By: tomas s

Fragmentation and loss in the first, the national governments have made the decision to fly the ground that the abundance of volcanic ash will make the aircraft engines inhalation of impurities and may lead to other important parts of the aircraft body damage. On such a flight ban, countries almost unanimously expressed their support for politicians, because "human life", "important to safety."
The first 12 days, airlines unanimously adopted a "compliance + silence" in response to let the flight ban on the fly, so that suspended on the suspended, but 16-17 days later, they have quietly started to challenge: a Royal Dutch Airlines the first plane in Amsterdam and test flights between Dusseldorf, Germany, its allies, belong to Sky Team Air France immediately by a 14-hour flight test, the aim of "test ash on aircraft engines and flight safety impact ", later shots Lufthansa even more generous, about 10 aircraft dispatched, when these airlines fly pass the test, produce the" ash had no effect on flight safety, "concluded, the opposition will be renewed.
Governments are accused of recklessly flight ban, the lack of complete control, creating the disorder within Europe; they accused the European Union and national governments fuss, so tens of thousands of displaced Europeans and foreign tourists; they blame only the politicians loudly yell "no-fly", "suspended", but until the "no-fly", "suspended" 5 days after the convening of national transport ministers TV brief meeting; they accused the European Union in a test flight of "fraud": the airlines to send more than 10 aircraft various types of aircraft were tested and the results are "no impact", but only the European Union sent a small plane flew only a trip on the draw "influence" conclusion, how can convince the people?
The politicians have no concessions. EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas, the French Secretary of State for Transport, Minister of Transport, Ramsauer Bussereau and Germany have said that security above all else, the Government is not negotiable. Bussereau even lost their lives in a plane crash just quoted Polish President Lech Kaczynski said something, ask "how do out of trouble", the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands ... ... exactly the same country the attitude of politicians, or even very far away from Iceland, Ukraine , also joined the ranks throughout the flight ban.
Reason is obvious, and politicians and airlines about safety first, but security is not consistent with the concept.
For the former, political security is the highest consideration. As the ash crisis happened suddenly, after no precedent, was the financial crisis, unemployment crisis and Greece pain badly battered in their bound guard, choosing the most reliable response. While no-fly attracted complaints, but if no-fly and do not crash because of their political future will be a heavy blow to the right to utilize the better of two evils, choose the safest natural suspended.
For the latter, since the "9.11" has been devastated by the civil aviation industry, oil prices soaring, the financial crisis but also the battered, the volcanic ash events so far, President of the International Air Alliance Air has completed the Sinani said the loss of two 100 million euros, of which Air France - KLM alliance lost 35 million euros on, Scandinavian Airlines lost more than 700 million euros on, every day more grounded, they are from the "gate of hell," even taking a step forward on the flight ban, suspended disgruntled, natural re- normal, however.
Whether politicians or the airlines have no courage to take crashes, and death risk in the event, "two security" is destined to become two risks, the two crises, and this is the flight ban though reluctantly, but stumbling where the implementation of the wonders of the way down.
The crucial point is whether the ash impair flight safety? How much damage? Or, how to assess whether the damage to be a comprehensive ban on flights, suspended in the nodes? Clearly, politicians or airlines, the two are unable to come up with a statutory convincing material.
Perhaps this crisis can bring a neutral, impartial, scientific test of the complete flight safety volcanic ash, perhaps one can in this test was developed based on relevant standards and norms, and thus the next time a similar incident evidence-based, so that science rather than their own self-interest considerations as whether the flight ban, suspended benchmark.

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