Poetry in Frames

By: Anna47 Woodruff47

Poetry in Frames
 It is said that a good photograph creates a good
impression on the viewers. It is the viewer who can analyze the beauty of the
photograph best. So when an image is captured, the photographers remind
themselves about the perspective of the viewers. A picture can be captured in
perfection when the photographers can successfully create a balance between the
concept and the form. Many photographers consider kids important subjects
as they are natural and spontaneous in their reactions.
Gone are the days when one used to get holed up in a tiny
little studio with four flashlights focusing on the face. The generation has
changed, so has the style. Most of the modern photographers provide bright
innovative ideas for photographing the family. You need not be stiff or
catch your breath the whole time the photograph will be shot. The composition of
the shot determines the aesthetic value of the photograph. A good photograph is
almost like a piece of art which shows the creative artist’s genius. He puts his
brains and tries to capture the emotion of the subject in such a manner so that
it is reflected in the photograph.
There are ways of capturing the moment. A good photograph
will come alive in the hands of a good photographer. Moreover many try to create
a difference with most hackneyed subjects. Like you can capture the image of the
high school seniors in the family with your photograph, but you can put
your imagination to choose the background which will make the picture perfect.
Subjects like representation of childhood, eternal connection with nature and
natural objects and lost innocence are common. Instead of typifying them within
a set framework a good photographer will always try to bring a sense of
uniqueness within the photographs. Often the most unique scenes speak of a
variety of emotions.
Most of us who appreciate a good piece of work will love a
good photograph. There are ways in which parts of a picture combine an
integrated whole. Once we recognize those portions we will identify the
uniqueness of the photograph. Moreover the foreground and background are
important in creating a fuller impact of the photograph. It is said that kids
make an interesting subject matter. They are vibrant, colorful and extremely
natural and spontaneous. When you draw a portrait or capture an image, you
should be careful about the angle from which the light focuses on the subject.
Even a normal item captured from a different angle will simply make the subject
more charming.
A viewer’s perspective is the most important consideration
in a photograph. Apart from the way it is shot, the other important thing to be
considered is the subject matter. Both the subject matter and the form create
the ultimate effect on the viewers. A photograph will only create an impact if
it compels the viewers to think about the photograph. With digital photography,
capturing an image has become an easy task. There are a number of good sites
which actually print the photos. New ways have emerged which takes the subject
out of the studio and makes it livelier and more beautiful. One good site is

. This site is known for its fresh innovative ideas.
The subject matter can be anyone. They can be kids, family or high school
seniors, but they are known to create a difference with their techniques.

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