Pocket Invitations

By: Robert Thomson

Invitations have come a long way from the boring white envelopes and cardboard historically used to invite guests to a wedding or other special event. These days, clues to how extravagant a wedding or celebration is going to be are often found in the style and sophistication of the invitation itself. More and more people are using the pocket invitation for a more modern and stylish approach than the traditional method.

Pocket invitations are comprehensive invitations that come in one complete package, in which you unwrap the initial invitation for more details on the inside of the package. A pocket invitation is also very appealing to the eye and quite gorgeous. They come in a large variety of styles and colors and allow for all of the information to either be printed on the invitation or placed very neatly inside of the pocket. This allows for the presentation of the invitation to be crisp and organized. They carry all of your information including the response cards, return envelopes, reception cards, maps and special instructions.

The right words, done right

In order to use the pocket invitation, you will need to know all of the information that applies to your wedding or event. The details need to be free of any misspelled words or names. Any information regarding the wedding ceremony needs to be completely accurate. Although pocket invitations are more expensive than the traditional type, they are also much more functional and a lot more beautiful than ordinary invitations. This makes them well worth the extra dough.

Surprisingly, there are some ways to make pocket invitations even more beautiful than they already are. For instance, you can use monograms. Monograms can add a touch of elegance and modern style at the same time. Monograms also embrace the formality of the traditional wedding while still incorporating the more modern approach of our time. They come in a number of attractive typefaces that can be chosen, and can be printed in colors including black, dark brown, red, bronze, turquoise and several others than impart class.

In fact, these colors can be blended together with other components, the papers included, to make for a beautiful invitation. For example, you can blend dark brown and turquoise together for a very elegant and gorgeous color combination. Pocket invitations also come in a variety of sizes and can be tall and skinny, square or rectangular. You can choose from floral sleeves to bolder colors and this will allow for your invitation to stand out from the rest.

Online ordering

Today, brides have the pleasure of going online in order to choose their wedding invitations. This saves a lot of time and hassle of dealing with print shops and having to leave home to go select your invitations. Brides to be can select designs that will allow them to set the tone for how their wedding will be. This is a far cry from having to flip through dozens of binders to check out hundreds of samples of wedding invitations. Surfing the net for the right invitation is lot faster and convenient. Brides can even type in all of their information and see what the finished invitation will look like before they make the final decision.

If a bride is on a budget, she can consider making her own pocket invitations. This is not as difficult as it sounds and it can help her learn how to complete the process of making them for future use. It is also a nice way for her to put some of her own special touches on the invitations, like personal photos on the cover. You can also use vellum sheets for the inside of the invitation to add even more elegance. All you need to make pocket invitations is a printer, scissors, parchment boards and some pocket envelopes. You can gather some inspirational ideas from online stores or by visiting specialty print shops that have samples on hand to view.

Do your own!

Designing your own pocket invitations can save you a lot of money and help you to achieve the exact design that you have in mind. Be sure that you allot plenty of time for this project before the wedding. Regardless of whether you're purchasing or making your pocket invitations, these little wonders are sure to please anyone that receives them. They are a great way of expressing how important your special event is to you and it makes the receiver feel important that they are being invited. Pocket invitations are marvelous for any event.

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