Plus Points of Cloud Back-ups

By: Robert Thomson

Advantages of Cloud based Backup.

The increasing trend towards using online cloud backup is very evident in the SMB market. This fortuitous trend has been created by the very cost worthwhile benefits of backing up to the cloud as opposed to backing up to tape or disc on-site.

As hard disk drives have been dropping in cost over the years, the recent uptake in cloud based backup systems, has been made viable due to the reliability of broadband and massive reduction in costs, at the same time as the quantity of data needed to be stored has increased.

Typically small businesses do not have dedicated IT staff, and setting up complicated servers and backup procedures are often left to chance as opposed to putting in place firm well though out backup procedures.

Backing up to the cloud can be a very simple and easy way to take care of what is a very important part of a businesses long-term survival, given the number of disasters that are caused by failing to plan for potential computer hardware failures.

With a cloud backup and recovery policy in place, your businesses is secure and you do not need to buy or install expensive backup equipment. On-site backup equipment could include hard disks, servers, software and possibly people to operate these devices depending on the size of your backup requirements.

Cloud backup software provided by the company's offering the solutions is simply downloaded via the Internet and placed on a local machine within the office. This can then act as a conduit channelling the data stored to the cloud based provider.

This software then prioritises files back up and securely transmits encrypted copies of those files to your cloud data centre which is remotely located.

Now online data speed speeds are constantly increasing, the upload time for your backup data is continually being reduced, conversely the download speeds should you need to download files are equally fast.

Cutting operating and administrative costs is a key feature of cloud based solutions.
Once you have selected a backup company, installed the software and selected a backup schedule, your company data is automatically saved, providing you with an unobtrusive and transparent security backup system.

Some of the benefits of a cloud based backup system include;
Easy to implement.
Very low operating costs.
Security of data.
The system runs itself.
Self checking data backup software.
Install and forget software.

Switching your backup systems to a cloud based backup system is extremely easy to do and can be run concurrently with your existing backup procedures and policy in order to test any potential system you are intending to use.

One of the main advantages of using cloud based backup software has to be convenience and ease of use. It is very tempting and easy to not implement adequate backup procedures to take account of every eventuality, and utilising cloud based backup systems are so simple to use that as a business owner it is an invaluable tool worthy of investigation.

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