Plumbing For Beginners

By: Scott Rodgers

Plumbing systems are usually taken for granted by us. Its importance is not noticed until it is broken or stops working. Till then, pipes, tubes, faucets and every other plumbing equipment are just objects that have to be used when needed.
We call a plumber to help us out whenever a plumbing system stops working and needs some kind of mending. As a result, in hiring a plumber and his services we spend a lot of money.
In this article, brief guidance is given how to repair small plumbing problems instead of hiring a plumber. Lets take the most basic we face in our problem " a drippy faucet.
A faucet drips or leaks because of its bad washer. Sometimes the bad washer is accompanied by a bad faucet seat as well. Usually the rubber parts get worn out by the constant wear and tear. When we open and close the tap, the washer gets crushed because it is located between the faucet stem and the faucet seat.
Since the washer has to be replaced with a new one, you have to first open the faucet. Take a screwdriver and remove the handle after gently pushing out the button that covers the screw. Take a pipe wrench and take the measure of the stem. Hold it firmly on the stem and start twisting it to remove.
Do not forget to turn off the water from the angle located below the sink. Next remove the stem from the holding where it was fitted earlier. Once you have removed the stem, you can notice the washer at the bottom of the stem. You can see how crushed it is by constant usage.
Replace the old, worn-out washer with a new one. These days, washers are available of much better quality than they were many years ago. Pick the best quality that is tough, durable and lasts longer. Put the stem back on its holder and use the pipe wrench to tighten it back.
Screw it tightly with a screwdriver after placing the tap handle back on the stem. Open the tap from below the sink to let the water on. You can check for any dripping or leaks after closing the faucet.

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