Playing Online Multiplayer Games On The Internet

By: Gen Wright

Multi-player games have been experiencing strong growth in recent years. It does not matter if you are 20 years old or 50 years old - all come together online to interact and have fun.

If you are looking for a new game to join, you will discover that you are spoilt for choice. A few examples would be Everquest, Evony, Starcraft and WOW.

Every player must buy the original CD before he or she can start playing. The activation key is usually found on the CD itself, or at the back of the case cover. All new players are required the enter the activation key before an account can be created. Without the official key, a player cannot log on to the game servers.

MMORPG games have changed greatly, together with the growth of the Internet. CDs and activation keys are no longer strictly required. Bandwidth has increased greatly, and individuals can now download entire games online. Players can now download huge installation files within minutes and install the games on their computers. After successful installation, players can start logging on to play the games.

Game developers have also discovered that they can now bypass the traditional distribution channels. In other words, they do not need brick and mortar stores to help them release a game. It can all happen online.

Evony is a classic example. No CD or purchase is required. Through PPC, the game is able to attract millions of players. As no upfront purchase is needed, anyone can register for an account and start playing instantly.

The free component is always existent. No upgrade is necessary for game play to go on. Unlike other games, this not not a trial period. So if players don't pay upfront to play, how can revenue be generated to support the game?

Money is made by selling additional items to existing game players. To level up quicker, you can always spend real money on virtual items. The moment your competitors become stronger, you have very little choice but to spend some money to strengthen your own economy. If you don't start buying, that means you are willing to spend hours of your time in the game trying to level up. You can choose to purchase special items such as weapons. You can also trade with other players and purchase entire accounts!

To a game player, whether it's an account or a character, it takes time to level up. To level up manually means to stay weak for a longer period of time, and more time is needed to become stronger. Very often, players become impatient and start paying to get better and stronger. So they spend more money, in the hope that they can spend less time leveling up.

The better multiplayer gamers are often setup in such a way that the game play encourages players to form alliances. It is not uncommon to see a popular game having hundreds of private guilds. Some are public guilds, where everyone can join, and some are private guilds. Those who belong to the same group strive to help one another overcome obstacles in the game. In this way, there is more interaction and playing in a group is certainly more fun and enjoyable!

Remember to watch your own fatigue level. If your eyes are getting tired and watery, you have gone past your limit. Try to limit your gameplay to about 2 hours per day. Anything more and you risk causing damage to your eyesight and health.

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