Planter Gardening.

By: Ian George

I like to compare the expertise and the art involved in creating a planter to that of flower arranging. The vast majority of us have at sometime placed a few flowers in a jug and enjoyed the results. Several of us have taken a little more time and arranged the flowers so that they show themselves off to best advantage. A smaller number of us really go to town on flower arranging and are always hunting for new flowers or foliage and unusual vases and vessels. There is a lesson to be learned from the "go-ahead" flower arrangers, and I do think gardeners could do worse than borrow some of their energy and ideas. But the flower arrangers have a simple time when compared with the planter gardener. They've got the advantage of being able to place their arrangements out of the way of strong winds, baking sun and drenching rain. Florists can always work happily with the knowledge that what they arrange will stay basically identical for the life of the display.
The planter gardener - with a few exceptions - has to possess a vision of how the display will look several months on, when the planting matures. The few small plants planted in the beginning of the season will grow and by the end of the summer there will be a container burgeoning with flowers and leaves.
In the meantime, you will have needed to water, feed, prune and pinch out plus do battle with the pests and diseases that do their best to thwart your efforts' It is not off-putting; it is gardening.

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