Planning a Baby Shower: Some Tips for a Hassle-Free Party

By: Trevor Mulholland

For many people, almost any occasion calls for a party. And the anticipated arrival of a baby is surely a cause for celebration. A baby shower is a joyous occasion that not only allows friends and family to share in the happiness of the expectant parents, its also a time for them to offer the new parents the support and help they may need to prepare for the coming of the baby. But as with most parties, planning a baby shower is essential to make sure that the special day goes by with the minimum of problems and the maximum of fun.

Baby showers have been taking place at least since the end of World War II. While the goal remains the same (to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby) planning a baby shower has become much easier since those days. The existence of the Internet and mobile communication has facilitated each step of the baby shower planning process from drawing up the guest list to creating invitations to ordering baby warming party supplies to finding party favors, food, and gifts. Lets take a look at some of the things that need to be done to plan for a successful baby warming party.

The shower is usually organized by friends or family members for the parents-to-be. Although mothers are the traditional focus of showers, dads are being included more and more in the parties. Having a theme for a baby warming party is always a good idea. Having the usual color party themes (blue for a boy and pink for a girl) is nice, but there are many other options. A party can revolve around popular cartoon characters, characters in childrens stories, or even an interest that the parents-to-be have in common, such as sports. From there, it would be easier to come up with designs for the invitations, cake, decorations, and party favors. The organizer (with the help of a few other people) can either make these baby warming party supplies themselves or buy them from specialty stores and other establishments.

Its important to decide the appropriate place for a baby warming party. If only a small number of people are expected to attend, the living room would be suitable. But if you are planning to invite more guests, perhaps you should consider a larger location; perhaps a function room in a restaurant or hotel. And if children are expected to attend the shower as well, make sure there is ample space for them to run around and play a good-sized backyard would be appropriate in this case.

When planning the types of food to be served, you should consider several factors, such as the number of people expected to come to the party and the time that the party will be held. A shower that is scheduled for noon or in the evening would probably entail a full sit-down multi-course meal, while canaps and finger foods are often suitable for one that is to be held in the morning or afternoon. The more people are invited, the larger the budget would be needed to provide refreshments, so be sure to reconcile these two factors to avoid a food shortage during the baby warming party. Also, if children are to be present at the shower, serve several dishes that would be eaten and enjoyed by this age group. You can always employ a good caterer to remove the hassle of having to cook the food yourself and providing and cleaning the tableware yourself.

Planning games to play during the party is a good idea since its very probable that guests may not be that well-acquainted with one another. Games help break the ice and create an easy and friendly party atmosphere. Just remember not to go overboard and plan too many games for the party; two or three games will serve their purpose. Also, make sure that the games are suitable for the party guests; some people frown at weight-guessing games or games that have sex-related themes.

Following these planning tips can help ensure a fun-filled and memorable day for the expectant parents and friends and family at the event. It might be impossible to plan for every minor disaster that can occur, but it would be wise to have a contingency plan for potential mishaps. Planning a party has been likened to preparing for a small battle, and it will help ensure that the baby shower will go on as expected, with a great time had by all.

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