Pink Concert Tickets : Get One And Put The World's Troubles On Hold

By: Jan Edwards

Pink Concert Tickets

If ever you need to shake off the problems of the world,

then get some therapy with a Pink concert. Like her song

"So What" - she's brash, full-on, tongue-in-cheek and

brilliant. Who else could get away with these lyrics

after the breakup of a marriage and get her ex-hubby to

appear in the video?....

"I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he

went. So, I'm gonna drink my money, I'm not gonna pay

his rent"

Pink does everything with style, including divorce and

she speaks fondly of her ex (motocross racer Carey Hart)

- "Carey hadn't heard the song before he did the video.

That's how much he trusts and loves me. He pretty much

just rolls his eyes, throws his hands up in the air, and

hugs me. He gets it. He gets me. It's nice."

P!nk is a rare commodity in the music business; a pop

singer who has credibility within the rock world and a

rock singer who's achieved the status of a pop star.

With worldwide hits such as Stupid Girls, Get The Party

Started and Just Like A Pill under her belt, Pink is one

of the world's most successful female stars of all time.

She's a lady who has never been afraid to speak her

mind, bare her soul, and share her deepest feelings in

her music. As she casually states, "I have no choice.

It's what I do."

Indeed, it is what P!nk does. Her 23 million in album

sales are proof that the tattooed badass blonde with the

heart of a pussycat does what she does very well indeed.

In her fifth studio album, Funhouse, P!nk gets even more

personal, more exposed, and more revealing.

The one song she is most proud of is "Crystal Ball," an

acoustic guitar ballad written with Billy Mann, who

worked on such past hits as "Stupid Girls, and "I'm Not

Dead," among others. "I am proud of the songwriting,

melody, and vocals on that song," she says. "I recorded

it in one take and we didn't mix it. It just went

straight to master. Me and Billy got in a room, lit

some candles, had some wine, and threw up a guitar mike

and two vocal mikes and just went with it."

With its mix of sad, thoughtful love songs and fun,

upbeat, feisty rock anthems. P!nk achieved exactly what

she wanted to on Funhouse. She said "It feels good to

get people not just emoting and releasing all that

energy, but getting angry and motivated too. It's group


And as I said in the intro - If ever you need to shake

off the problems of the world, then get some therapy

with a Pink concert. This lady is one sensational


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