Pimples and their Myth

By: Claudia Truffello

There are a number of myths going around, about what causes the appearance of acne. Two of the most common myths about what causes acne are fatty foods and a poor hygiene.
People tend to over-wash their face because they think acne is produced by a poor hygiene. This can make the problem worse because you can strip the skin from its natural lipids, harming the skins own biological barrier function. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), is a normal part of the skin surface. They avoid attacks from other, more harmful microbes. When sebum is trapped in pores, P. acne can grow within the follicle. They can alter the chemical composition of the oil, irritating and inflammaging the epidermis.
Foods like hamburgers and french fries are never a good choice in the first place. It can be harming to your organism if your consume these foods on a regular basis. It is therefore important to either keep away from these foods, or consume them in moderate amounts.
These fatty foods have long been thought to be what initiates acne breakouts. But there is no specific scientific proof that indicates that these foods cause acne. Individuals are different and some people might notice that breakouts may appear after consuming certain foods, but these foods are not restricted to junk-food.
Many foods today are made with trans fatty acids to prolong their 'shelf-life', and these acids make unsaturated fats, saturated. Essential fatty acids which are important constituents of sebum, are replaced with trans fats. Dryness is avoided by sebum, lubricating follicles, pores and surrounding skin. The sebaceous glands start to create oil with oleic acids which is drier, harder and more prone to create blackheads, whiteheads and form follicular plugs that can lead to infection.
Chocolate is Good for You!
Chocolate is another suspect that triggers acne, but then again, no scientific proof exists. In moderate amounts, chocolate can actually be good for you. Cocoa has newly been found to be one of the most concentrated sources of flavinoids which are rich antioxidants. It is well known that antioxidants have the property to destroy free radicals and prevent lipid oxidation. The fat content in cocoa butter is composed primarily of high amounts of linoleic acid which gives cocoa the ability to prevent pimples and scars
Fatty foods and a poor hygiene is not what triggers acne. It is rather a lack in essential fatty acids that makes the skin react with non-helping responses that can encourage acne lesions. You can still choose a lifestyle containing foods that you like, but you might need an effective pimples treatment that is able to supply you with the necessary constituents to attain a clear skin surface.

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