Pillows and Pregnancy

By: Charles Kassotis

Pillows are generally though of as giving us a comfortable place to lay our heads, or as something that we use to lean against on couches. But there are other uses for pillows. Many of them have special shapes to fit special uses. And one of those uses is during pregnancy. You can use regular and special pillows to add comfort during your pregnancy.

A pregnant woman often finds that she is stuck carrying an increasingly large and uncomfortable load. Her body becomes awkward, and even when laying down she is uncomfortable (special note: during the third trimester one should spend as little time on oneís back as possible). This is because the belly is unwieldy and the body isnít quite built for comfort in such a state. Using a pillow can help provide support and help ease the discomfort associated with being pregnant.

When using a regular pillow, there are ways to help feel more comfortable. One these ways is to lie on your side, holding the pillow between your legs. Other women find it is more comfortable when sitting to have a pillow in their lap. This gives the belly something to rest on rather than just pulling downward with gravity. Both of these uses for ordinary pillows can result in more ease. These methods both help take some of the pressure off the back, and can help the womanís back hurt less during pregnancy.

There are also special pillows that can be used to help ease the body during pregnancy. These pillows are specially made to fit the contours of a womanís body so that they fit easily and comfortably. They are simple to use, and do not require a great deal of extra shifting around and special measures to hold them in place. When the pillow fits the body, it is just easier to work with.

One of these pillows is a pillow that looks like an inner tube with an open end. This snugs right around a sitting woman, just as an inner tub might. It holds up the belly and can provide great relief. A regular pillow might slip out of position, but the special pillow is made to wrap around the body so it stays put. And this pillow is also helpful after giving birth: it can provide an arm rest of sorts for a mother holding or breast feeding her baby. There are other pillows that are made in a shape that fits comfortable between the knees. This sort of a pillow is ergonomically designed for comfort and simply provides a level of comfort unmatched by the regular pillow.

As one might expect, the special pillows do cost more than a regular pillow, but the intangibles in the form of comfort and ease of use often outweigh the cost for many people. These pillows come in a variety of colors, and with the ability to order pillows containing different designs. You can usually find the special pillows in a baby store, a mother supply store, or easily on the Internet.

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