Pick 4 Strategy Math Is the Right Investment – Making Money and Sense of the Process

By: Gen Wright

Numbers and mathematics are not easy for everyone. From our earliest school days when we were first introduced to numbers some kids liked numbers while others found dealing with numbers confusing and overwhelming. Others like words and writing. But the Pick 4 Strategy of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division pays big dividends throughout your whole life.

Learning the numbers and the basic counting was a small challenge compared to mathematical application of numbers. Addition was a little less confusing than subtraction. When the single digit being subtracted in the unit column was larger than the single digit of the number it was being subtracted from, then what does one do?

Multiplication and division followed. This brought more confusion to the less mathematical right brain analytical minded students. Many of us remember memorizing the multiplication tables for our survival, and they are still buried deep in our subconscious. If you learned the multiplication tables well then without realizing it you were learning division, which is the reverse math process of multiplication.

Looking at numbers and math problems was one big blur. In truth, whether we liked numbers or not, we learned these processes, and graduated from grade school by passing math class year after year. As a child many of us wondered why we had to learn these numbers in the first place. When were we going to need all this math stuff anyway? This is long before algebra and geometry would be part of the curriculum and this wonderment expressed more vocally.

Numbers and mathematics are important in our lives. The basic math processes of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication help us understand how to make money. Whether it is grocery shopping or investing on Wall Street knowing your math can pay off in big savings or creating large returns on your investments.

Many things need clarity in these difficult economics in which we find ourselves. With a clearer view of the economic realities we have learned the hard way, and are still learning through the financial losses that we have suffered because of Wall Street Greed and Mismanagement. The challenge is….do we go back to the same old routine of the past or do we look for something new and different?

Continuing Education is part of the American Business Success Plan. Going back to school for a Master's Degree in a particular field is a way of increasing one's worth and one's salary. A Fifth Grade Elementary School Teacher recently told the story of his plan to get a Master's Degree in Music at the cost of $40,000 in order to get a seventy-nine cents ($0.79) per hour increase in his weekly paycheck. Over 50,630 hours later he will break even, and make back the cost of his Master's Degree. Based on a nine month school year at 40 hours a week he will get his money back for his Master's Degree in 32 years. It's all profit after that.

How does that compare to a $47 investment to learn how to add $100,000 to one's bank account with one small investment of twenty ($20) dollars using 20 proven and winning Pick 4 Lottery strategies. If you want to start out small, you can do so with a single fifty cent ($0.50) Winning Box Ticket which has a minimum payout of $100 and up to $600. With your first win at the minimum payout, you have this continuing education program for FREE and make a profit of $53.00 for future investments.

Applying your mathematical knowledge or relearning mathematical processes can make a huge difference in your economic reality and your future. So many Americans have lost so much money during these last two years with the economic downturn. 401Ks have been shredded, the meltdown of the stocks has depleted retirement portfolios, and the shrinking value of their homes have cut into their wealth and lowered their borrowing potential. Now they are trying to apply these mathematical formulas to find the best possible investments for their future. Knowing math pays Big Dividends.

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