Physical Therapy Anaheim - Opt For Massage Therapy To Sleep Tight!

By: Jaze Murrian

Plagued by long working hours at your workplace, and in the quest for professional success, we forget to live comfortably. Carried away by corporate success, appraisals, promotions, fat pay packets and perks, you start ignoring the most significant aspect of your body care routine. Yes, it's sleep! Then, you have to work late night for delivering client projects. Where is the time to rest? Sleep is a natural phenomenon that enables your body to relax and rejuvenate stressed out cells. Even if, you get to bed early, the thought of client deadlines robs you off a peaceful night's sleep. That's why therapists from physical therapy Anaheim health centers encourage you to give yourself a 15-20 minute rejuvenating massage prior to bedtime. It can be a self-massage, or you can ask your partner to do it.

Massage therapy is a non-invasive and medication-free approach to relax your tired nerves. The healing effects of massage are cumulative. With professional hands touching the pressure points of your body, you begin to feel relaxed, improve sleep, and your body responds quickly to the magic of massage.

First and foremost, take a warm shower to get rid of all the stress at your workplace. Next, you need to warm up body oil containing 8 drops of neroli, 12 of lavender, 1 once of almond oil, and 5 drops of rose oil. Get in a comfortable position on the bed. Take a pillow to support your back muscles and the skeletal region of your lower back. Adjust the position of the pillow till you are completely at ease. If you are not sure of the position, ask specialists associated with physical therapy Yorba Linda.

Begin by placing 3 central fingers of each of your hands on the eyebrows. Keep your eyes closed. Be in that position for a few minutes and keep taking long relaxing breaths.

Next, you need to keep the middle finger of both your hands on each side of the nose. It should be the place between the eyebrows. Follow the brow line making small circular movements along the brow length. Continue till the temples. Hold the fingers on your temples for some moments applying a little pressure. Repeat this movement for some time.

Massage your forehead with the oil and also along the hairline. Reach till the back of the neck with the fingers placed on both sides of the spine. Do not massage the spine yourself. If you have a feeling that your spine needs attention, ask your partner to massage. More pressure should be applied on the spine. However, ensure that the massage on your spine is comfortable. It should not make you feel uncomfortable.

Again, repeat the movement from the middle of the forehead till the rear of the scalp. Continue till the nape of the neck. Make sure you do not hurt your neck in the process. This is the reason it is important to take the advice of specialists from physical therapy Anaheim centers. Try massaging your scalp using your entire hand. You will start feeling sleepy.

You are already on bed; so switch off the lights and go to sleep if you are not worried about the oil on your bedspread.

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Pieter Reynolds is familiar with well-known therapists. Sometimes, he himself applies the techniques used by specialists at physical therapy Anaheim centers to improve his health and increase the energy level for a better life. So, now he is sharing his experience and what he learned from physical therapy Yorba Linda.

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