Physical Fitness Education as Part of School Curriculum

By: George Petrova

In todays fast pace life physical fitness is becoming necessary for the school going children. These fitness sessions contribute towards the growing importance of having a healthy and stress free life. Majority of the children live a hectic and stressed life accompanied with an unhygienic diet. This makes physical fitness their top priority not only at home but also in schools. But due to financial constraints most schools either cut down or stop the physical education sessions.

It is essential to teach these exercises to kids as their minds are impressionable and they can take this further in the later years. In certain schools, the physical education serves not only as a ground to introduce basic fitness knowledge and information but also the basis of the health instructions to be followed.

Physical fitness is not only about playing games. In fact, health classes teach kids about the functioning of the human body, basic development, sexual education, and first aid training. It is the duty of the school to inform the next generation about these things. Without physical fitness education the child's overall quality of life cannot improve.

President's Physical Fitness program is the best and trusted aspect of any physical fitness session. In order to win the certificate of achievement here the children have to go through the various tasks devised by the panel. Since they can flaunt this certificate as a means of showcasing their achievement, it serves as a great motivation for the children to win this program.

Physical fitness education usually serves as the only means of exercise for a great many children in this country. In previous generations, children walked or rode their bicycles to and from school and engaged in physical activities outside of the classroom. These days, children are driven to school by a parent, car pool, or bus. After a day of sitting in a classroom, today’s kids sit in their room and play video games, surf the internet, or watch television. Physical education classes offer their only chance for movement, often during the entire week!

If your child’s school district is contemplating cutting or discontinuing the school’s physical fitness education program—let your voice be heard! Bring up your concerns with the Parent and Teacher Association or at a meeting of the school board. Offer alternatives to cutting these programs or encourage the school the keep the programs without alteration.

It has been a common myth among parents that physical education is nothing but a distraction for the child. The importance of this session should not be undermined, as this is the base to introduce the children to a healthy life.

As a parent, you should encourage your child to participate in all the active extra curricular activities. Set an example for your child by leading a healthy lifestyle. Start a fitness regimen with your child and make sure not to let him or her pick up bad habits.

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