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By: Michiel Van Kets

So you have a fancy new camera and now you want to know how to use it to your best advantage so you take great shots, not just average ones. This is of course a little easier when you have a digital camera as you are able to view your shots as you take them, however if you have bought a traditional camera you know the old style with film and developing and all of that then you want to learn some ways to take great shots. You want to do this before you spend all of your hard earned money on developing your photos only to find you have a booklet filled with terrible pictures. You can of course take the easy way out and set your camera to automatic and just hope for the best but there is more to taking great pictures than just a hope and a prayer.

So how do you learn? Well there are of course a multitude of books that will provide a hive of information for you. As photography is a great pastime of many there are a variety of great books on offer and these will cover how to take photographs day time, night time, portrait, landscape, action shots amongst others and of course many will give you a blow by blow illustration to assist you along. Don’t forget that your camera book, the one that is still in the box, will give you a lot of useful information regarding settings as well.

The ideal book of course is the one that tells you exactly how to do everything, that will not happen in one easy lesson so there are other alternatives, such as photography classes. You may find that these are available at your local high schools or perhaps even some of the bigger photography stores where the owners have a great interest in photography themselves will offer up courses on a regular basis. You will need to check out what is on offer to you in your local area.

Another alternative are online photography schools and from some of these you can even obtain certifications which, if you are a natural to the art of you can learn successfully the required techniques you may find you have a career in photography, even if it is just for the weekends for being the local wedding photographer.

The online courses will give you various options and they allow you to learn from home, you get to learn at your own pace but of course there is no actual personal interaction unless you are able to offer up your photographs to an online teacher who can critique and give you pointers throughout the learning process.

As a rule these online options offer clear and step by step instruction and as stated previously the ability to learn at your own pace. If you feel you haven’t mastered something you have the ability to stay with that particular subject whatever it may be until you move on to a further technique in your learning process.

Either style, book, classroom or online you will find you can learn about camera exposures, the types of lenses you can use for different styles of shots, macro shots (close-ups) and landscape picture taking. They will all generally cover techniques such as the lighting, using a tri-pod, using color and black and white and also types of papers required for the best printed results. Some of the courses may even go as far as to assist you in how to develop your own photographs. This of course will require more materials than just the purchase of your camera. But many photographers become hooked with the whole process so if that does become you then perhaps a full inclusive course option may be the best choice.

You will find that most schools, online or otherwise, will give you pointers on what to look for with your shots, not just technically but also through your own eye, developing your photograph taking skills before actually pressing the button on your camera.

As you can see there are a great variety of options out there for learning how to use your camera to your best advantage and perhaps it can even become a profession for you either full or part time. You will never know until you try. So check out your local options and check out the options of online sources and jump right in with your photography training and may your relatives beware!

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