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By: Mel Joelle

Over the past years marketing of products has been getting easier. This has mainly been facilitated by the introduction of new and better means of reaching out to customers. Phone marketing has not been left out of this either. Ideas on how to get people to buy the new types of phones that are introduced into the markets almost daily have only been getting better as time moves on.

Phone marketing involves the determination on what types of phones customers would prefer and the various sales strategies to use. To determine the most preferred products, marketers use various methods. These may range from the direct asking of people what type of phones they would be interested in, to a combination of different features on the phones such that they produce a phone with different capabilities. By doing this, they ensure that they give their customers exactly what they want rather than what they want to sell to them. It is usually not an easy task to identify the exact type of phones that people prefer since people tend to have different tastes and preferences. However without the knowledge gained through marketing and creating a profile for the phone producing company plays a major part in determining the future of the company. More to this marketing may involve producing of high quality phones. These are phones that actually have functioning features rather than phones with features that do not function or that function improperly.

One method of marketing that is used by phone producers includes the use of the media. One of the ways that producers get people to know of the different types of phones that they produce is by advertising them on the print media. People who buy newspapers and magazines either on daily basis or frequently are usually the main targets here. They get to know of the phones quite easily, and clearly since they have all the time to spend on the particular advert. This mode of marketing is advantageous in that printed materials last much longer than any other mode of marketing. However printed materials like the newspapers expire in a day’s time after which they are most likely to be discarded than not.

Another form of marketing is the use of streaming visual media such as the television sets and cable. A given type of phone is advertised during commercial breaks mainly targeting those people who are fans of the particular program being aired. This form of advertising is likely to attract more people especially if it is aired when a highly viewed program is on. However the charges on this form may usually be high compared to other forms. Producers may also use the audio media to reach out to people. This involves them having a particular radio presenter give the unique features of a given type of phone during a show or even have them advertised throughout the whole day. This form is able to reach many people at a go and is mostly combined with advertising in the Internet radio stations.

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