Personalized Marketing for the Holiday Season Could be Your Growing Small Business

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Many small time businesses seek inexpensive methods of marketing their produce. Most of them look for uncomplicated, personalized methods, where their services are best described in the most simplistic manner with correct message passed on to the customer. At the approach of the holiday season, the need for increased advertising is a necessity, in order to keep abreast with the expanding market.

This article describes a great opportunity for the small time business owner, a wonderful and innovative method for marketing their products/services. You don’t have to go far, for the answer lies right near you, in the hands of another small time home business owner. Contact your local ‘Welcome Services’ representative, and discover a unique and clear-cut method of advertising that best describes your business. It’s simple, inexpensive and straightforward.

What is a ‘Welcome Services’ representative? It is someone who takes up the task of introducing new neighbours to the community, by visiting them with a welcome packet full of goodies from the local businesses, including special coupons and gift certificates, and providing them with a load of useful tips on feeling right at home in their new community. This is usually done over a one-on-one at the kitchen table, where the new comer feels right at ease and absorbs all the useful information about their new neighbourhood. Famously known as Kitchen Table Marketing, this method is known to be very effective and rewarding.

Welcome Services Representatives are usually local folks like you, who have lived in the area for a long time, possess a wealth of knowledge that could take the newcomers’ years to accumulate. They are skilled in their service, with simple but effective marketing strategies and the ability to share their long accumulated knowledge in a most attractive and convincing manner. Many such welcome services have been in existence for years, are reliable, accepted and often sought after by new comers to the neighbourhood. Thus it is a great way to make loyal customers out of a new client base.

Advantages of advertising your products through a welcome services representative:

• Personalized marketing of your products, with the ability to deliver the desired message to the customers

• A fresh, new client base, utilizing the best market tool “Kitchen Table Marketing”

• Inexpensive method of increasing sales

• Ability to deliver special messages about new, seasonal products, in an effective, straightforward manner

• Less time consuming, simple marketing strategy without having to go through the trouble of employing expensive, professional advertising agencies.

You can adapt many forms of marketing methods once you decide to seek the assistance of a welcome services representative. You can deliver advertising brochures, flyers, discount coupons, raffles, special goodie bags, gift packets, gift vouchers and even newsletters and special promotional packages using this method. You can either give your idea to the representative, allowing them to take care of the marketing strategy themselves, where they will be in charge of printing of flyers, along with the other products that will be delivered to the new comers in the welcome packet. Or you can do it yourself, by working with your local printer or make copies at the local copy shop.

You can get your welcome services representative to deliver these flyers or coupons to not just the new comers, but also to other, long residing neighbours in the community in favor of special goodies, such as free gift items, that can be included in their welcome packet, making it more attractive to their clients. These representatives are flexible in their dealings, and have a simple and approachable strategy. You can sit down and discuss the best strategy with them, and come up with a deal that best suite your needs. As it is a two way benefaction, the services you seek will be delivered to you inexpensively, at a rate you will not dream of. It is ‘THE’ marketing method that is most easy on the purse.

Best yet is, the friendly approach of the welcome services representatives is very effective in grasping the trust and interest of the new comers, leading to loyal and devoted customers, the kind that will help a business grow. This type of highly targeted word of mouth advertising is known to be one of the best methods of marketing. It has been demonstrated that the response rate from such Welcome Packets is 20 times greater than direct mail and other forms of advertising. This has been proven by the loyal clientele of many such welcome services owners. Most popular local businesses remain faithful clients of these representatives for years.

Isn’t a Welcome Services a great way for your business to deliver special offers and coupons for the holiday season? It is indeed a great from of marketing for your growing business with a simple and easy approach for introducing new clientele and expanding your market. Make more loyal customers using this straightforward and inexpensive marketing method.

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