Personalized Anniversary Gifts - 5 Great Ideas

By: Gen Wright

Are you struggling to come up with the right anniversary gift to give to your spouse? Perhaps you need help to come up with some great ideas. First, stand by understanding that anniversary gifts, unlike gifts for other special occasions, should be unique. Try to be as personal as possible. The primary goal here is to trigger happy memories so that the simple act of giving can draw you and your spouse closer together. Here are 5 great ideas on how you can achieve this goal.

Idea 1: Picture Frames.

You should have thought of this idea. But giving away picture frames can backfire. This is because most people don't know how to personalize this fabulous gift. Some just buy the frame, and give it away without any photos in it. This is the incorrect way of giving away a photo frame.

You have to remember, the photo frame is meant to be a personalized item. The frame itself achieves nothing. There must be something in the frame. And whatever is in the frame, must be something special. For example, do you have a photo of the time when you and your spouse first met? That is a special moment captured on paper. The point of having a photo frame then becomes bringing out the special photo so that you and your spouse can be reminded of such special moments.

Idea 2: Desk Accessory Anniversary Gifts.

If you are buying a gift for your husband, perhaps desk accessory would be the perfect gift. You see, most men prefer gifts that are practical, which means that they should have some use for the gift. Since they spend a lot of time at the office, desk accessories will help remind them of you. Such accessories often include various useful items such as paperweights, desk clocks, or memo pad holders.

Idea 3: Monogrammed Glassware and Barware sets.

The idea of having glassware or barware in the home is similar to that of having desk accessories. These items can be used purely for decorative purposes, or they can be used at the bar. Again, they serve as useful reminders - they remind both of you of the time that you have been together. In addition, glassware and barware can come as a pleasant surprise. Not many people would have thought of buying such items as anniversary gifts. They are exquisite and elegant looking. They make perfect gifts if you are planning for a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. The candle light will make the gifts look great.

Idea 4: Purely decorative items.

Then there are some gift items that are for decorative purposes only. These gifts are ideal for ladies. Some examples of such gifts include glass vases, or crystal sun catcher ornaments.

Idea 5: Women only items.

For women, there are literally tons of items that can be given away as gifts. You can try giving your wife a leather handbag (branded if possible) or a jewelry box. Of course, remember to add some precious stones to the box! You wife will simply adore the gift.

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