Personal Development is Your Key to Success

By: Ina Hikmatullah

Heres a little piece of philosophy that will probably make a lot of sense, especially if youre scientifically-minded. If you dont change a behavior, that behavior is going to continue bringing the same results. Its simple! Its true!
By investing in ourselves, we make ourselves more able to deal with the challenges that life gives us on a daily basis. After all, the only way to get different results is to change what youre doing! When we invest in ourselves, we call this personal development.
We can learn a lot from a philosophy thats quite prevalent in personal development circles, called NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. The idea is that we can change certain negative characteristics about ourselves and lead fuller lives. We can have more success by behaving as successful people do. Thats great news, because that means that by observing the lives and behaviors of successful people, we effectively give ourselves a blueprint to success.
How can you apply this to your own personal development? How about we think about it? Part of the theory of neuro- linguistic programming is based on the idea that certain extremely successful individuals, (particularly those involved in sales or communications) share a common set of attitudes, skills, and temperaments.
Problem-avoiding behavior is the opposite of problem-solving behavior. Look, problems are inevitable. You can either be person who tries to hide and eventually gets overwhelmed, or you can be the person who uses problems as a way to remind themselves that they are in charge of their own destiny. Which person do you think as more self confidence? Which one do you think as more success? Find me a truly successful person that ran away when things got tough. Success is all about overcoming! There is no success without resistance!
Do you have think of yourself in a negative way? Chances are, this negative energy that you are bringing into your life is doing nothing but attracting negative energy. You can call me crazy, but you have to wonder if successful people, before their success, could have possibly believed that their life, where they were and the direction they were heading in, was all just a big waste of time.
Chances are, they either started off with or instilled attitudes in themselves that allowed them to believe that they were capable of their goals. Theres no way that they could have achieved what they wanted with a negative self image.
Stay focused on your goals, and make it a point to deal with obstacles as they come, instead of avoiding them and letting them all gang up on you. Youll be glad that you did. As a plus, dealing with your problems will keep you focused and keep you believing that you are moving in the right direction.
So just remember, when you admire somebodys success, also take the time to figure out how they got there. It will make it seem all the more possible for you.

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