Perfume - A great gift this Christmas

By: Gen Wright

Once a year at Christmas time we enjoy spending money on other people. Giving our friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers gifts that we hope they will enjoy. The process of choosing the perfect gift for each person is long and arduous. Usually the perfect gift to get someone in your life is right under your nose - literally.

If you are still confused about what the perfect gift for a friend, co-worker, or even that "special someone" is, the answer is simple: perfume.

When purchasing perfume as a gift, if possible you should always get a fragrance that you know the person receiving it will enjoy. Sometimes this just isn't possible. You may not know what her favourite fragrance is or maybe the store is simply sold out of that particular scent. If this is the case you should pick out a scent you enjoy - after all you'll surely smell it at least once.

When you purchase a scent of perfume, other than your friend's favourite, you should make sure that the store accepts exchanges. Even though you may enjoy a particular perfume, your friend may not. It is unlikely your perfume will ever be used, since she has to deal with a fragrance she doesn't enjoy.

It also seems that around Christmas money is always tight. We're buying gifts or paying to heat our homes (or some of us, at least) and this year it seems our wallets will be strained more than usual; all the more reason to buy perfume as a holiday gift. Perfume stands out as being a relatively inexpensive gift that is used quite often. Why spend lots of money on something that will likely spend a majority of its life in a closet?

Low cost, albeit low quality, generic brands can cost as little 10 dollars; maybe even less depending on which store you purchase from. More expensive celebrity endorsed perfumes will cost a lot more, but you should consider purchasing them as they will seem far less cheap than a store brand.

Celebrities ranging from fashion designers to pop singers have either endorsed or created their own line of fragrances; each using different base materials to create a different aura for the perfume as well as the person wearing it.

Below are a few examples of perfumes you may want to consider as a gift.

For a relatively inexpensive price, you can get "With Love" created by Hillary Duff. Although it is primarily geared to teens, this soft, sweet, smell has been enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

J-Lo, with her "Still" brand of fragrance has mixed flowers, peppers, and wood to create a purely feminine scent. This moderately priced brand has been praised for its sophistication and has received positive reviews from its users.

However, if you've got some extra money to spend purchasing a limited edition fragrance from a high end designer will yield results (maybe in more ways than one). Though these can run into the thousands of dollars, you will be assured that the fragrance, and even the bottle, will be enjoyed by a very select group of individuals.

If you do purchase perfume as a holiday gift, you should consider that a simple brand may be better for the recipient in the long run rather than an expensive celebrity endorsed fragrance. Undoubtedly the recipient will be overjoyed with your gift, and they may be even more thankful if you purchase their favourite fragrance the next time they run out.

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