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However, our experience working in the private and public sectors of Australian industry indicates a decline in trust in the workplace. A joint study by the Australian Institute of Management and Monish University supports this view, concluding that Australian business is facing a 'crisis of trust' threatening productivity and performance. I the study show that while trust underlies all aspects of organizational culture, it is at low ebb for managers across a range of industries and levels. The survey shows a strong correlation between trust and a positive workplace culture that emphasizes reward, supportiveness and stability. It shows that trust is strongly linked to attributes such as caring for colleagues, actively involving them in the company vision, mentoring, role modeling and inspirational motivation. The survey also reinforces findings of similar research projects around the world: The higher tech, impersonal and sophisticated organizations become, and the greater the need for leaders who can build a culture of trust in the organization.
These findings should set the alarm bells ringing for senior management in Australia. Trust and loyalty should be a priority for organizations, from the top down, as they have serious implications for individual and enterprise performance, said Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute of Management in Queensland, Ms Carolyn Barker.
Smaller organizations consistently rated higher on job satisfaction, commitment, trust, loyalty and respect. The survey concludes creating smaller business units, flattening the management structure, involving staff in decision making and opening up timely and transparent channels of communication is central to creating trust in organizations.
The Trust Triangle
Self Trust Inner Trust
Self trust is based on acceptance of yourself and your own inner intuition and wisdom. It is that deep, intuitive sense or gut feeling about something. If you follow your inner intuition, your self trust is high. Peter Block sums it up as Trust comes out of the experience of pursuing what is true. What is a true lie within each of us. Self trust is at the core of trusting others and being trustworthy.
Trustworthiness Being Worthy of Trust
Usually when we think of trust, we think in terms of trusting others. But how trustworthy are you in others eyes Do you follow through on your promises Do you act with integrity Are you honest, caring and reliable Do you have the competence or skills to carry out the task at hand Do you fulfill others expectations of you you are worthy of others trust if you score high in these areas.
Trusting of others
Trusting others is based on expectations. We typically trust someone if we know they will fulfill our expectations. We each have a set of characteristics, known only to us, of someone who we deem worthy of trust. Our degree of comfort with trust is also based on whether we see the world as a friendly, safe place or a hostile, unsafe place. The more we see the world as basically friendly and safe, the more open we will be to trusting others. The reverse is true if we see the world as unsafe and unfriendly.

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