Pay off Your Loans, Bills, and Debt With Certified Government Grant Money!

By: Lindsy Emery

Our government sets aside billions of dollars to be distributed as grants to states, cities, government institutions, private organizations, and individuals. While there aren't any government grants aimed at paying off the average citizen's credit card bills, a creative mind can find many ways to obtain and use the grants that are available to his/her advantage.

The government offers many small business grants with very few eligibility requirements. An industrious individual can take one of these grants, build a simple business, and pay off their debt with the profits. An enterprising individual will submit a well written grant request that provides enough funds to pay off all unsecured debt plus start up their business.

For instance, the government is prepared to give individuals $200,000 to run a ranch or a farm. They have also set aside funds to pay $500,000 to start a small business. If you already own a business and want to get government contracts (and pay off debt), the very same government is prepared to give you $300,000 and $500,000 if you are a minority to help you achieve that goal.

There is even a $3,000,000 grant to provide venture capital. John Doe may be drowning in debt, but the industrious John Doe Inc is entirely in the black.

Another option to eliminate your debt is to roll it all over into your mortgage (although this option is much harder to achieve after the housing bubble bursting). You can benefit from the government in one of two ways with this option. If you are able to make the monthly payments, then your debt becomes tax refundable. If your payments are too intense, there are government grants designed to provide mortgage/foreclosure assistance.

Even repairing your home can be a cash windfall with the $7,000 from the Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants.

The government is even prepared to pay off your medical bills and student loans. All it takes is a little work and ingenuity to eliminate your debt with government grants.

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