Pay Off My Mortgage " Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Is Almost Impossible

By: Albert Olden

If you can slash 13 years off your mortgage and save thousands of dollars without spending more or changing your lifestyle, would you do it?
The idea in itself is truly fascinating and I'm sure homeowners would go for an effective strategy that can help them pay off their mortgage early.
You are not fault if you think that it is impossible to pay off your mortgage. With thecurrent market situation we have, finding it hard to stay on track and settle your mortgage account seems like a daunting task.
When the FHA was first signed into law in the early 30s, homeowners need 80% down payment and 20% was in insured through the FHA. Approximately 15% of people could afford to buy a home back then. As time went on the rules changed. Now you only need 20% as a down payment down payment to own a home. And now we have and 15 year mortgages, 30 year mortgages and even 50 mortgages.
We see our parents making mortgage payments their entire life and we see our family do this too so we are led to believe from the beginning that it living under the shadow of a mortgage debt is the best way to manage your finances.
And when we make a decision to pay off our mortgage, it is an uphill battle. You are doomed to fail from the beginning.
And if that's not enough, the banks have created the mortgage amortization schedule to work against you. They stack this up with interest up front and you only make a real dent in the principal after 10 years. Even though you try and pay more principal upfront it feels as if you have made no progress.
We believe that spending extra amounts or making mortgage contributions twice every month are the best ways to pay off our mortgage. But in order to pay off your mortgage earlier using these methods, you are spending more of your paycheck each month.
You are not at fault if you have long decided to live a debt-free life and you still haven't started making extra mortgage payments or if you are finding it hard to stay on track.
The mortgage acceleration system method is a system designed to help you pay off your mortgage and stay on track automatically each month. Because it is systematic, it is the best way to settle your mortgage account and live a debt-free life.
The technique operates according to the interest leverage concept. What you need to do is to turn your home equity line of credit into a checking account. This reduces your interest rate and enables you to pay off your mortgage 13 years earlier, all without changing your lifestyle.

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